Friday, February 12

Hard Side

There is the easy side, with soft bristles and smooth hair... and there is the hard side, with harsh wood and a sore bottom. The way you behave determines which side you get, young lady.

Photo from Real Spankings


Abby Williams said...

The brush is my least favorite implement. Just look at those bruises! You can (accurately) call me a masochist, but I'd rather a hard strapping or a long caning than a session with a brush any day. It's the Achilles heel of my backside. ;-)

Best wishes, Abby Williams

Anonymous said...

Among the descriptions heard on prime time television in the 1950s was referring to the backside of a hairbrush as "the unfriendly side." Back then, several popular hairbrush styles were specifically designed and sold for spanking. My wife remembers quite clearly the day her mother bought one.

Years later, while visiting my in-laws, I found the hairbrush. When her parents weren't around, I gave my wife's bare bottom a good over my knee spanking with it. Even thought my wife was in her 20s at the time, it still made her thoroughly submissive!

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