Monday, February 1

He Switches

He did say that he "switches"...

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Anonymous said...

Decades ago, before political correctness and anti-spanking propaganda brainwashed men and women, the grandmother of a high school girlfriend said the surest way to make a woman behave herself was for a man to spank her with a switch! She went on to imply there was something about seeing a switch in a man's hand that made women more submissive.

Since then, I found out if a woman is spanked on her bare bottom, she usually doesn't cry. However, if she gets the back of her thighs switched, they can't help it.

Among my more memorable experiences was punishing a potty-mouthed divorced mother in her bedroom while her teenage son obliviously slept in the next room. The only sound she made was quietly pleading to stop so she could sit down at work the next day!

The other was spanking my wife with a switch during an overnight stay at with my wife's mother. As had been the case with the divorcee, my wife got spanked in on bedroom while her mother was only a wall away in the next bedroom. The next morning, my wife was much better behaved. My mother-in-law seemed to have no idea that her daughter was sitting in a kitchen chair with still visible stripes under the seat of pants!

On several occasions, during a rough time in our marriage, I made my wife take off her clothes and kneel in a padded chair with her bottom protruding and her hands folded across the top of the back. Then I said on our bed and put stripes across both cheeks with a freshly cut 2-foot long maple switch. In between swishes of the switch, we talked about our marriage and her behavior. She later confessed the experience was thoroughly effective straightening out her and our marriage!

Once, when my wife was exceptionally stubborn, I made her strip naked. Then, taking her by the arm, I then switched the back of her thighs until she was balling like baby.

Based on my experiences, I would recommend spanking with a switch. They're almost silent and thoroughly effective.

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