Sunday, March 14

Crack of Dawn

Getting spanked and then sent to bed was the ritual she was accustomed to. This time however, she was sent to bed and told that her punishment would be taking place first thing in the morning. It hadn't been a restful night.


Anonymous said...

This happens to me with some frequency, and the anticipation builds to a huge crescendo, so much so that my boyfriend finds me in the morning having masturbated the night away, and I get extra punishment for that!

Anonymous said...

She did not get to sleep until late and was asleep when her Mom came in to wake her. Normaly it would be with a mug of coffee and a short chat but today it was a long lecture and hot caning with that awful looking cane! So the crack of dawn took on a quite different meaning! as soon as Mom was gone she shot into the bath room to turn on a cold shower and managed to get in the right position to cool her rear!

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