Sunday, February 1

In a Flash

Pants pulled down to her knees in a flash... her panties tugged down even faster... she was in position in nearly the blink of an eye. The only thing that remained was biting her lip as the belt raced through the air.

Photo from Bad Tushy

Saturday, January 31

Answer: The Bath Brush

Question: How can a person that is into spanking be punished by being spanked?

Friday, January 30

So Much For That Plan

She'd known this spanking was coming for some time and she was unafraid. It would hurt, but she would be brave about and not show the pain. And then it started and that plan was out the window... and kicking and squirming and pleading was the order of the day.

Photo from Spanking Glamor

Thursday, January 29

You Missed a Spot

Gee, thanks! Would have hated to escape with the ability to sit down!!

Wednesday, January 28


Saying "I am sorry" can't hurt, but when you hear "and you're about to be sorrier" in response... well, it probably doesn't help much either.

Photo from Spanking Sarah

Tuesday, January 27

The Rear View

The best views can always be found at the rear... of the boat, that is.

Monday, January 26

You Still Need the Belt

Her shorts didn't need a belt, especially with them pulled down. That's not to say a belt wasn't needed, mind you.

Photo from Spanking Bare Butts

Sunday, January 25

Saturday, January 24

Keeping On Your Toes

It takes practice... and lots of discipline... to stay on your toes.

Photo from Spanking Sarah Gregory

Friday, January 23

Well, Actually...

Yes, it is cruel for a jockey to use a whip on a horse. It's not like you can whip the jockey though. Right?

Thursday, January 22

See It, Feel It

She'd heard about the 'School Paddle' before, but always wondered what it looked like. So she decided to break a few rules just to see. Her plan was a success as she did indeed get to see the paddle. The fatal flaw turned out to be - she hadn't contemplated getting to also FEEL the paddle.

Photo from Bi Spanking

Wednesday, January 21

Age Is Just a Matter of Perspective

I am old enough to be your grandpa? Interesting. I prefer to think of it this way though... you're young enough to still be put over my knee!

Tuesday, January 20

None of Your Business

When it came to being a good girl and staying out of trouble... She was a nun of your business.

Photo from Spanked in Uniform

Monday, January 19

Can't Hurt To Ask

Please, Sir... I promise I have learned my lesson and that I will be a good girl from now on.

Sunday, January 18

Head Not in the Sand

When her spanking started to get really intense, she liked to bury her head in a pillow and wait for it to be over. Impersonating an ostrich was not going to be an option today though.

Photo from Spank Amber

Saturday, January 17

A Can Beat Policy

You can't beat our prices! Now our customers on the other hand...

Friday, January 16

Crossing The Line

Talk about a thin line not to cross!

Photo from Pain Gate

Thursday, January 15


Oh, so THAT is why it's called a warm-up!

Wednesday, January 14

The Joke is On You

Seriously, if you ask her to show you why she brought a bath brush outside... she will give you something!

Photo from Girl Spanks Girl

Tuesday, January 13

Three Bares

These three bares were passing well beyond "just right" and headed straight for too sore and very sorry.

Monday, January 12

Not a Sit-Down

Someone says "we need to talk" and brings out a chair, you figure you're going to be sitting down - right? Well, turns out this was not a sit down type conversation. In fact, it wasn't really a talking type conversation either.

Photo from Cutiee Spankee

Sunday, January 11

I Can Think Of One Thing

Who goes to a nursery and asks for old branches?!! What the heck can you do with THOSE!

Saturday, January 10

That's Just Cold

Getting spanked outside is usually a pretty mean punishment. In mid-January... it's just flat out cold!

Photo from AAA Spanking

Friday, January 9

Wedding Bliss

Did he say wedding bliss... or blister?

Thursday, January 8

What Kind of Spanking?

When your spanker has to take a step back to allow for a longer swing... well, let's just say it isn't going to be a good girl spanking.

Photo from Real Life Spanking

Wednesday, January 7

Name That Tune

Not sure of the name, but it sure has a catchy beat!

Tuesday, January 6

Early to Rise

Getting up on time was often a challenge for her, and in fact that very problem is what had earned her bare bottom so much trouble. On the bright side, getting out of bed this morning would now prove quite easy... as rolling over and laying on her ouch filled backside was now not an appealing option.

Photo from Dreams of Spanking

Monday, January 5

May I Have Another

Thank you for my spanking, Sir.

Sunday, January 4


Sharing is generally a good idea, though there are exceptions... such as, sharing your opinion when you aren't the one in trouble. Or at least, you hadn't been the one in trouble!

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Saturday, January 3

The Impact of Forbes

He'd told her to read Forbes magazine, that it would change the way she thought about money. She disagreed and not kindly, saying there is no way a magazine could have that sort of impact on her.

Friday, January 2

Paying the Full Price

She was already a sore and sorry girl and wishing her lesson was finished. She knew though that before her spanking ended her panties would be coming down and she'd be paying the full price for her naughty behavior.

Photo from Punished Brats

Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year

Wishing you all the best in 2015!

Wednesday, December 31

Goodbye to 2014

Still time for one more spanking before it is over though!

Photo from Helen Volga

Tuesday, December 30

Clowning Around

They really do have a huge menu at McDonalds... can get almost anything!

Monday, December 29

The Cure

Doctor, I can't seem to behave myself... do you have anything for that?

Photo from Spanking Online

Sunday, December 28

Unexpected Stop

Why do we have to get off at this stop... there isn't anything here I need!!!

Saturday, December 27

Looking Back

Looking back on things, she had to admit she could have made better decisions.

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Friday, December 26

364 Days Until Christmas

Christmas is over! Not sure who is happier... Santa or Mrs Claus... or maybe it's the elves?

hope you enjoyed this year's batch of Holiday spanking pictures!

Thursday, December 25

Wednesday, December 24

Santa Is On His Way

Oh good grief. If you two don't knock it off and go to bed Santa isn't going to come!!

Tuesday, December 23

Rum Pa Pum Pum

True enough, Santa can't play the drums. Don't ever say he can't beat out a tune though!

Monday, December 22

Is that Really Santa?

See the white beard? See the red hat? Well then, I get to decide who has been naughty or nice... and I say you were very-very naughty!

Sunday, December 21

Wish Upon a Wall

Sure young lady, give Santa your wish list... and as long as that wish is on the wall, you'll be getting it!

Saturday, December 20

Point, Counterpoint

Hey, shouldn't Santa have a white beard? 

Maybe... but not as much as you should have a red bottom!

Friday, December 19

Elf Magic

Elf Magic doesn't get things done at Santa's Workshop... hard work and discipline does. Lots of discipline!

Photo from Clare Fonda

Thursday, December 18

Who Will Guide My Sleigh Tonight

Well, that's certainly one way to guide his sleigh tonight!

Wednesday, December 17

You'll Shoot your Eye Out

Uh, thanks Santa. But I didn't say I wanted a redder bum... I said I wanted a Red Ryder BB gun!

Photo from Punished Brats

Tuesday, December 16

A Paddle

Young lady, you hurt Santa's hand! So guess what you're a getting for Christmas this year?

Monday, December 15

Red Christmas

A red Christmas tree? Well, since you seem to like red so much...

Photo from Spank Amber

Sunday, December 14

Santa's Lap

Yes, you can sit on Santa's lap. You my dear can even lay across it.

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