Thursday, July 31


You can lead a spankee to water... and, as it turns out... you can even make her drink.

Wednesday, July 30

Tattle Time

It's best to be *sure* your job is completed and done correctly before attempting to tattle on a co-worker.

Photo from Spanked in Uniform

Tuesday, July 29

Good Luck

Stepping into the shower she wondered how she'd gotten away with it. Her misdeed seemed so obvious, yet he'd not said a word about it the entire day. She was rarely this lucky. Glancing around though, she noticed her bath-brush was missing and her bottom was of course wet. A sinking feeling told her that her luck was turning bad.

Monday, July 28

In Trouble

They hadn't even moved in the furniture and already she was in trouble.

Photo from Whipped Ass

Sunday, July 27

In This Movie...

The good guys wear white hats and the naughty girls wear red bottoms.

Saturday, July 26

Getting Help

When she asked for a little help with her paper, she was thinking more with the writing part than the motivation part.

Photo from Clare Fonda

Friday, July 25

Old Fashioned Discipline

The kitchen was not the only thing in the house that dated back to the 1950s...

Thursday, July 24

A Late Night

She wondered when he'd be getting ready for bed. It was late and she was already in her pajamas. Then he mentioned needing to "have a talk"... and she noticed he still had his belt on. A sinking feeling in her tummy told her it wasn't going to be a fun talk.

Wednesday, July 23

No Wood Hangers

No wire hangers? Forget that, how about no WOODEN hangers!!

Tuesday, July 22

Upper Floor

She'd never before been spanked for not being naughty enough.

Photo from The Upper Floor

Monday, July 21

Pool Shark

Interesting how he lost every bet... until a spanked was wagered.

Sunday, July 20

Rear Ended

Did you see the rear end damage on that car?

Photo from Spank Amber

Saturday, July 19

Over The Barrel

She definitely had her over the barrel and wouldn't be letting her up until each naughty decision had been accounted for.

Friday, July 18

Just One Spanking

At first she was relieved to be getting just one spanking. She had caused the entire class to have to stay late after all. However her sense of relief didn't last long, not once she found out who would be giving her that one spanking.

Photo from Spanking Sorority Girls

Thursday, July 17

Cruising for Bruising

Or... Spanking on the Poop Deck... take your pick, ;)

Wednesday, July 16


The Slap-atula: a handy kitchen implement that can correct a naughty girl's behavior in a hurry!

Photo from Spanking Bailey

Tuesday, July 15

They Have Everything

If this store has everything.. even something for a naughty young lady.

Monday, July 14

Pool Side Tanning

She did say she wanted to "get tanned by the pool."

Photo from Bad Tushy

Sunday, July 13

Uh, You Have Her Attention

Excuse me, may we please have your attention.

Saturday, July 12

The Great Outdoors

She knew she was in big trouble, but when asked to step outside she figured that meant there would be no spanking... because you can't get spanked outside... right?

Photo from Sound Punishment

Friday, July 11

She's Half Right

But sir, how can get spanked for sneaking out the window when I never actually got all the way out?

Thursday, July 10

Not Going to Fuss

You've earned 10 over your shorts, then 10 over your panties and then 10 more on the bare. If you fuss one time though, we will skip straight to all 30 on your bare bottom.

Photo from Bi Spanking

Wednesday, July 9

The Stern

Things were getting quite stern on the bow.

Tuesday, July 8

Talk to the Hand

Ah, so now you want to talk and explain and ask questions. You should have done that before you made the decision, young lady... because now all you can do is talk to the hand.

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Monday, July 7

Rebel Yell

Let me hear that rebel yell, missy.

Sunday, July 6

Maid for Spanking

Was it her fault that she was 'maid' for spanking? Well, yes... actually it was!

Photo from AAA Spanking

Saturday, July 5

She Scores!

She would not be kept off the scoreboard tonight...

Friday, July 4

Happy 4th of July

Enjoy your red, white and blue!

Photo from Reality Kings

Thursday, July 3

Pool Party

No running by the pool... or else!

Wednesday, July 2

Things You Don't Want to Hear

No-no, you're not spanking hard enough.  Here, let me show you how to do it.

Photo from Spanked Call Girls (or for a better deal, see Clare Fonda Pass)

Tuesday, July 1

Operator Error

I'm gonna do more than hit the reset button!

Monday, June 30

Good Point.

But Daddy, if I wasn't rude to you... why should you spank me?

Who said I was spanking you?  I only said you had earned a spanking.

Photo from Sarah Gregory

Sunday, June 29

Vulnerable Position

If you don't want to be in this position, perhaps you should work harder at being a good girl.

Saturday, June 28

Bath Time

You know more than getting clean is on the agenda why a whip is brought for bath time.

Photo from Pain Gate

Friday, June 27

Holding On

... it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Thursday, June 26

It Also Hurts!

Did you know that bamboo has a higher compressive strength than wood, brick or concrete and a tensile strength that rivals steel?

Photo from English Spankers

Wednesday, June 25

Double the Work

Why such a big paddle... because you girls are creating twice the work.

Tuesday, June 24

Getting Cooked

If you're going to mix things up with the chef... you have to know he's not going to be lacking in wooden spoons and spatulas.

Photo from Spanked in Uniform

Monday, June 23

New Shade of Red?

You get any naughtier and they're going to have to invent a new shade of red!

Sunday, June 22

Counting By Tens

20 spanks??... with THAT paddle! Sir, I think each spank should count as 10.

Photo from Spanking Bare Butts

Saturday, June 21


Don't complain to me young lady, you can see clearly who is to blame.

Friday, June 20

Interrupting Bath Time

She hated interrupting her friend's bath time like this... and really-really hoped there wouldn't be a further delay by having to loan out any bath-brushes.

Photo from AAA Spanking

Thursday, June 19

Can't Hurt To Ask

No missy, we are not done.

Wednesday, June 18


Knowing you're going to be getting spanked is bad enough on one's tummy.  Actually seeing that you're going to be spanked... that really gets those butterflies going.

Photo from Real Spanking Institute

Tuesday, June 17

Grapes and Wine

Sour grapes is just going to get you whine, young lady.

Monday, June 16

Don't Sit Down Though

Take a seat, young lady... we need to talk about your recent behavior.

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Sunday, June 15


Sneaking to the front of the line so doesn't work in this game.

Saturday, June 14

Lazy Girl Chair

"Are you going to sit on that chair all day long?" was a fair enough question

"What besides sitting do you suggest I do in the chair?" probably wasn't the smartest possible answer.

Photo from Spanked Cheeks

Friday, June 13

Consequences Time

Talking time if over, young lady. Time for those panties to come down and for you to pay for your decisions.

Thursday, June 12

Funny Math

No-no, I am sure Sir... my spanking is over, but she is still owed 5 more spanks.

Photo from Dreams of Spanking

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