Sunday, May 1

Six of the Best

Six of the best is bad enough... to get it on an already paddled bottom, well let's just say the lesson was learned.

Saturday, April 30

Calm Down, Young Lady

Strap already in hand he firmly instructed, "Bend over the chair, young lady." She did as she was told, not wanting to make things worse. When she felt her bottoms being tugged down though, the thought of leather strap meeting bare skin was more than she could take. Turning, she began to protest. It was a decision she'd soon regret.

Photo from Punished Brats

Friday, April 29

Getting a Preview

Being told "you're next" sounded like a lucky break at first, as her bottom would be safe for a few more minutes. Having to sit and wait... and watch what was coming due... would have been better to go first and just get it over with.

Thursday, April 28

Discipline Room

She'd always wondered why one of the office rooms had only one chair in it? After coming in 15 minutes late... she figured it out.

Photo from Spanked in Uniform

Wednesday, April 27

Saying Your Prayers

Would be easier to say your prayers on your knees before bedtime like you are supposed to, young lady... because saying them now isn't going to help you.

Tuesday, April 26

Everyone Wins Something

Trophies are given to those who do their very best, young lady... but that's not to say those that don't bother trying are given nothing - you too win a prize, something that will help you remember your lack of effort.

Photo from AAA Spanking

Monday, April 25

Three Bares...

... are no match against one cane.

Sunday, April 24

Does Lying Make it Worse?

Anything to stop her bottom from getting spanked, she figured... so just tell a little lie. By the time it is exposed all this will probably be forgotten. Made perfect sense - until the phone was picked up and a call placed to verify her story.

Photo from Sorority Girls

Saturday, April 23


How do we play doubles with only one paddle... and no net?

Friday, April 22

Some Flexibility

You want some flexibility when it comes to being punished? Well, okay...

Photo from AAA Spanking

Thursday, April 21

The Ruler

What is hard, twelve inches long and causes you to pull your panties down?

Wednesday, April 20

Should have been Polite

She was certainly sorry for having been so rude to her guest. She wouldn't argue about the spanking it had earned her either. That was well deserved. That her guest was invited to watch the spanking though... and accepted... well, that seemed a bit much. It was so embarrassing!

Photo from Clare Fonda Pass

Tuesday, April 19

Just Getting Started

You know there was no shortage of being naughty when you're already sore and sorry before your panties even come down... and before the paddle comes out.

Monday, April 18

Late Checkout Fee

She'd been told to be ready by checkout time, otherwise there would be an extra fee to pay. When 11 o'clock rolled around though, she was still in the bathroom "getting ready to go." Apparently she didn't understand exactly how much that extra fee was going to cost her.

Photo from Punished Brats

Sunday, April 17

Saturday, April 16

Cooling It

She'd been warned to "cool it, or else." But yet another bratty comment followed a moment later, and it was time to step away from the group. There was nothing "cool" about this conversation though. In fact, it was going to be down right blisteringly hot.

Photo from FetishFlixx

Friday, April 15

Maybe Spank Harder

It feels like there is a fly landed on my bottom... try this.

Thursday, April 14

Tight Fit

Her blue-jeans came down when it was time for her lesson to be delivered. And when it was time for them to go back up, that tight fit was going to serve as a not so pleasant reminder.

Photo from Real Spankings

Wednesday, April 13


He said he liked the ponytail look. That's LOOK! Had he more correctly said "the feel" she might have gotten her hair cut.

Tuesday, April 12

Stoking the Fire

There's a piece of wood that should have been thrown into the last fire as it most certainly burns!

Photo from Spanking Sarah Gregory

Monday, April 11

Seeing Clearly

Don't need glasses to see that you're not spanking hard enough there.

Sunday, April 10

Getting to the Top

The climb to the top is not without some painful steps.

Photo from Cutie Spankee

Saturday, April 9

Brushing Up

She could see how important it was to brush up on her manners.

Friday, April 8

Spread the Red

It's rumored that redheads have fiery temperaments. What you really need to watch for though is what they make fiery when you get on the wrong side of that temperament.

Photo from Spank Amber

Thursday, April 7

See What He Did

Ok, very good. Now let's see if you can read the next line.

S.. P... A... N... K... and, ummm... M and E.

Wednesday, April 6

The Scary Thing About Belts

There are scary things about a spanking. The words, "Okay young lady, pull your pants and panties down and bend over." The feel of cool air on bare and vulnerable skin. Knowing this is going to hurt. Nothing quite compares to the fright of hearing that belt cutting through the air. The slight clang of the buckle, the snap of the leather, the whistling of leather as it nears impact...

Photo from Real Spankings Pass

Tuesday, April 5

Bear Bottom Spanking

When he sent a note promising a "bear bottom spanking" she naturally assumed he had made a spelling error (as if tops ever make mistakes!).

Monday, April 4

Spring Time

Spring is here and I want to spend some time outdoors!

Photo from 2punish

Sunday, April 3

Last Laugh

Her teasing could be pretty funny at times, but ultimately the Jokari was on her.

Photo from Amateur Spanking

Saturday, April 2

Sense of Humor... she has nun.

Stop me if you've heard this one before. A nun and a priest walk into a bar...

Photo from Spanking Sarah Gregory

Friday, April 1

Not Yet

Is my spanking over?

Thursday, March 31

Something To Dance To

Wow, your bottom sounds like a bass drum... and yours more like a snare.

Photo from English Spankers

Wednesday, March 30

If You're Not Going to Sit

Young lady, I am tired of your rough-housing! Since you seem to think the couch is a trampoline...

Tuesday, March 29

A Riddle

What's black and white... and red... all over?

Photo from Punished Brats

Monday, March 28

Forgive Me

Forgiveness isn't always free.

Saturday, March 26

Why Spanking Is Better Than Basketball

Two free throws for a foul? What kind of penalty is that!

Friday, March 25

Brownie Points

She knew Brownie Points were earned for being good... and now she knew what was earned for being bad.

Photo from Triple A Spanking

Thursday, March 24

A Bit of a Stretch

Stretching the truth does come with its risks.

Wednesday, March 23

Whose Sor-ey Now

Who was sorriest for their naughty decisions... eh, could maybe talk about that later. Who was the sorest though, now THAT was something worth talking about!

Photo from Punished Brats

Tuesday, March 22

Ice Berg

Bare bottom, dead ahead!

Monday, March 21

Do You Mean Her Bottom or the Slipper?

For something so soft and pink, it sure could hurt a lot.

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Sunday, March 20

Big Winner

Hurray! I won the raffle!! What's my prize?

Saturday, March 19

Ambidextrous Spanker

Her kicking and squirming did force him to stop spanking... with his right hand.

Photo from Bun Beating Fun

Friday, March 18

Buckle Up For Safety

She'd heard seatbelt laws were pretty strict in this state. Perhaps though someone should have warned about how strict the driver was about them.

Thursday, March 17

You're in the Navy Now

She just had to ask... "so what makes you a Master Chief Petty Officer?"

Photo from Spanked in Uniform

Wednesday, March 16

Not Too Chicken

Even though he is a clown, I wouldn't recommend saying he's too chicken to spank you.

Tuesday, March 15


She'd warned her friend not to be late... but had been brushed off with a "whatever." So when her friend got into trouble and asked, "don't you feel bad for me?"... she of course responded saying... whatever!

Photo from Punished Brats

Monday, March 14

Color Coordinated

The panties and shoes matched, which was a nice touch. Of more interest though was how shirt and bare bottom were soon also going to match.

Sunday, March 13

Half the Truth

Before coming over she'd nervously asked, "are you going to spank me" and was surprised at his "no" answer. He wasn't one to let things slide, and she knew she'd crossed the line by not being entirely truthful. It had been an issue in the past, one that he didn't at all like. He said holding back certain facts was manipulating the truth and thus was the same as a lie. She didn't think it was THAT bad, but was still shocked that he wasn't going to spank her for it.

Photo from Real Life Spankings

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