Thursday, August 27

Bedtime Means "Bed"time

Though she'd got in her jammies and ready for bed on time, she'd fallen asleep in the chair... and thus missed her bedtime. And rules were rules.

Wednesday, August 26

Where is Florida?

Failing her geography test was bad enough. Forgetting where Florida is though? Well, at least she'd remember where her bottom is at!

Photo from Punished Brats

Tuesday, August 25

After the Spanking

Spankings needed to hurt for a clean slate to be earned. Once that clean slate was earned though, it was time for hugs and cuddles.

Monday, August 24

She'll Maybe Never Tell

She'd felt confident that her friend would never-ever tell... that she would take the spanking they'd both earned all by herself. As she watched though, she started to worry. If the right question is asked, if he right threat is made... what will she do?

Photo from Bad Tushy

Sunday, August 23

Intentions Meet Reality

She certainly wanted to be a good girl and remain in place for the spanking she knew she'd earned. Those good intentions were quickly lost to pure instinct when that wicked old belt started landing though.

Saturday, August 22

So Bright

Her future is so bright she's gotta wear shades. Her recent past on other hand... that's a shade of a different color.

Photo from Firm Hand

Friday, August 21

What's Red, White and Black?

How things worked was pretty black and white. Break a rule... and there would be plenty of red.

Thursday, August 20

Not Going to be Fun

Feeling her panties tugged down... with such a harsh and ouch-filled implement already in hand... sent a shiver or dread from the top of her head to the tip of her toes.

Photo from Real Spanking Insstitute

Wednesday, August 19

Paying the Price

There was a penalty to pay for skipping her daily sit-ups.

Tuesday, August 18

Getting Fresh

Some fresh air... then a fresh comment... and now a freshly spanked bottom.

Photo from Cutie Spankee

Monday, August 17

Sunday, August 16

Chin Up

She knew to keep her head up and her focus on what was being said as he spoke. Once the talking was over though and that belt made contact for the first time... her head would be buried into her hands.

Photo from Real Spanking Pass

Saturday, August 15

Spanking - Doggy Style

Hey, no fair! How come you're not using a rolled up newspaper on her?

Friday, August 14

Not Lost in Translation

The crack of a leather strap means the same thing in English and Japenesse.

Photo from Cutie Spankee

Thursday, August 13

Here is a Tip

If your waitress is going to be spanking you with a giant wood paddle after your meal, it's probably not a good idea to be stingy with the gratuity.

Wednesday, August 12

Heating Up the Kitchen

"If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen" suddenly took on an entirely new and totally literally meaning.

Photo from Real Spankings Pass

Tuesday, August 11

Room For Four

The couch had never been very comfortable... though in a pinch it could fit four.

Monday, August 10

Me? Complain? Never!

She stormed in all set to complain about the noise. One quick look changed her mind though. She wasn't sure exactly what the spanking was being given for, but certainly wasn't going to risk it being about complaining.

Photo from Clare Fonda

Sunday, August 9

Not the Usual Day

Getting sent to the corner, while not fun, usually meant a break from your spanking. Usually.

Saturday, August 8

Talk to the Chair

She was sorry and would never-ever do it again. Not that sharing these facts with the back of the chair was doing her much good.

Photo from Sam's Diaries

Friday, August 7


She wasn't sure what her fate would be as she strained to hear. Couldn't make out much, but did catch the word "more"... and that just can't be good.

Thursday, August 6

A Bedtime Story

They'd whined and fussed enough that he'd finally agreed to tell them a bedtime story. They were so-so happy too, up until they heard the first sentence of the story. "Once upon a time there were these two naughty young ladies that liked to complain until they got their way." They knew in an instant that this story was going to have a tear filled ending.

Photo from Triple A Spanking

Wednesday, August 5

Basic Training

He'd become a Corporal in the Army... Corporal Punisher.

Tuesday, August 4

Pressure is On

Understand this missy... if she isn't a sore and sorry girl that has learned her lesson... you will be.

Photo from Punished Brats

Monday, August 3

Did I Hear That Right?

Have you had enough spanking yet?

Sunday, August 2

Time Enough for a Spanking

You had no time to study over the entire summer, young lady... yet somehow you found the time to buy those shoes?

Photo from Spanking Bailey

Saturday, August 1

Making Your Wish Count

That whole ironic and unexpected twist to a wish thing works much better... at least for the Genie... when it happens with no wishes remaining.

Friday, July 31

Chine Up

She knew to keep her head up and her focus on what was being said as he spoke. Once the talking was over though and that belt made contact for the first time... her head would be buried into her hands.

Photo from Real Spanking Pass

Thursday, July 30

Red... Green and Yellow Bottom.

He had promised to paint her bottom red!

Wednesday, July 29

Small Favors

You're lucky I don't have a third hand young lady, or those panties would be getting pulled down.

Photo from Bad Tushy

Tuesday, July 28

Literally Spanking... errr... Speaking

He had said, "If you don't train hard for the upcoming fight, you'll get your butt beat."

Monday, July 27

Horsing Around

You like horsing around instead of doing your choirs? Okay, I'll play too...

Photo from Spanking Sarah

Sunday, July 26

Summer School

In summer school, you don't have to do your homework young lady, that is true... however if you make that decision...

Saturday, July 25

Here and Now

She knew she'd gotten herself into trouble, but figured she'd at least have until he got home at the end of the week before any consequences came her way. After a brief pgone call though, it turned out that while those future consequences were still owed, a here-and-now reminder to be a good girl was also required.

Photo from Spank Amber

Friday, July 24

The Starch Reality

She'd been a good girl and got the laundry done on time. Starching the underwear though, well... we'll just see who is sitting uncomfortably tomorrow young lady.

Thursday, July 23

Half Truth

Before coming over she'd nervously asked, "are you going to spank me" and was surprised at his "no" answer. He wasn't one to let things slide, and she knew she'd crossed the line by not being entirely truthful. It had been an issue in the past, one that he didn't at all like. He said holding back certain facts was manipulating the truth and thus was the same as a lie. She didn't think it was THAT bad, but was still shocked that he wasn't going to spank her for it.

Photo from Real Life Spankings

Wednesday, July 22

A Big Stick

He spoke softly... and yep, he certainly carried a BIG stick.

Tuesday, July 21

Later is Here

When she was making the decision to be naughty and not do as she'd been told, the idea of a spanking didn't seem very scary. Yea, it would hurt and all, but that wouldn't happen until later. Why worry about it now!

Photo from Firm Hand

Monday, July 20

No "Only" About It

It was only six spanks... but the paddle was large and solid, and his grip was tight and firm. So there really was no "only" about it, she was going to be well punished.

Sunday, July 19

Get The Hairbrush... the small one

Why is it that the bigger the problem, the smaller the hairbrush?

Photo from Girl Spanks Girl (a Clare Fonda site)

Saturday, July 18

Spanked in the Caboose

Don't make me pull this train over, young lady.

Friday, July 17

Natural Order

In nature, mistakes are severely punished...

Photo from Sarah Gregory

Thursday, July 16

Red Socks

Never trust a man with red socks... or a girl with a red bottom.

Wednesday, July 15

In the Backseat

She figured her punishment would wait until after the ride home. However she hadn't calculated the size of the back seat and the presences of a hairbrush.

Photo from Real Spankings Pass

Tuesday, July 14

Take a Hike

When hiking, he believed in being prepared for *any* type of problem.

Monday, July 13

Not So Innocent Question

Have you ever seen another girl get a spanking?

Photo from Real Life Spankings

Sunday, July 12

Maybe There Won't Be So Much Kicking?

She knew she was in trouble and that before it was over her dress would be pulled up and her panties would come down... and there would be lots of kicking and crying as her bottom paid the price. Then she noticed the roll of tape and wondered - what the heck is THAT for?

Saturday, July 11

Comfy Bed

It was certainly a comfortable bed... not that she'd be able to enjoy laying on it.

Photo from Spanking Sarah

Friday, July 10

In Hindsight

Not that it was doing much good at this point, but she was definitely regretting her recent decisions.

Thursday, July 9

Time on the Couch

The couch sits three... and spanks two.

Photo from Punished Brats

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