Friday, February 12

Hard Side

There is the easy side, with soft bristles and smooth hair... and there is the hard side, with harsh wood and a sore bottom. The way you behave determines which side you get, young lady.

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Thursday, February 11

Wednesday, February 10

Getting the Table Cleared

But it isn't dinner time, why do we have to clear off the table now?

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Tuesday, February 9

Marco... Polo...

You did NOT want to be caught as the "fish out of the water" in this version of Marco Polo.

Monday, February 8

Doctor's Orders

When your doctor tells you to drop your pants and bend over, you know it's going to hurt!

Sunday, February 7


Heads I win... tails you lose!

Saturday, February 6

Erotic Punishment

The flogger teased with it's touch as he dragged it across her thighs. When her body pushed for a more, he lifted the leather into the air, pausing, before snapping it over her exposed bottom with a lingering blow. "You're mine" he scolded, "and you will take your punishment like a good girl."

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Friday, February 5

The Remote

Some guys won't set down the remote-control... no matter what!

Thursday, February 4

Moving While Staying Still

If she lifted her hands off the table, the spank wouldn't count. There was no rule about moving her head though!

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Wednesday, February 3

This Is a Test

Her husband wanted to buy a new cane, but of course he wanted to get the right one. So, they needed to be tested out. That all sounded good to her... and she was even okay with taking 6 on the bare, including one 'of the best', with several different canes. When he started using the same cane a second time though, she started to wonder if he wasn't more interesting in the testing than the actual purchasing.

Tuesday, February 2

One Way or the Other

Being asked to stand and bend over for her punishment proved to take more self-control than she had. That didn't mean the punishment would be skipped though.

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Monday, February 1

He Switches

He did say that he "switches"...

Sunday, January 31

How Bad Can it Be?

They'd been warned getting into trouble would earn them a spanking. The TV was broken and there wasn't much to do though. The few ideas they'd come up weren't exactly good girl plans, but they didn't want the spanking that would likely result. The more they talked though, the more they wondered... how bad can a spanking really be? It was then they decided to sneak in and "borrow" the strap to see if they couldn't figure it out for themselves.

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Saturday, January 30

Spanking Breeze

Quite a breeze coming off the water.

Friday, January 29

Really Clean Slate

This was going to be the cleanest clean slate she'd ever earned.

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Thursday, January 28

A Hug Warning

Not sure I'd trust this to be a two handed hug...

Wednesday, January 27

Don't Forget the Cans

She always was forgetting trash day, and nothing seemed to help. Good chance this new method would help her remember the cans though.

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Tuesday, January 26

Cops on the Beat

As long as these cops are on the beat, no brat will be safe.

Monday, January 25

Way Deep

Deep down, she felt bad for her friend. Deep-DEEP down.

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Sunday, January 24

Short End of the Switch

She'd agreed that they had both earned a spanking and that yes, it made sense to take turns giving each other said punishment. And when it was suggested that she give the first spanking... and thus receive the second spanking... she agreed without giving the order any thought. As she laid there getting far-far worse than she'd given though, she realized when it came to switching... she'd come up with the short end of the stick.

Saturday, January 23

Where's the Smile

When she was told she'd "only" be getting a hand spanking, she couldn't help but smile. Safe to say that smile didn't last.

Photo from Bun Beating Fun

Friday, January 22

Feeling Sorry

The Looped Rattan Cane makes almost no noise as it cut through the air... but it certainly knows how to make a naughty girl feel sorry.

Thursday, January 21

Top of the List

She thought it was funny to tease him about his aging memory. Was good fun too, until she realized he'd taken it to heart and kept a running list of every single misdeed she's committed... no matter how small. First on the list? Her teasing, of course.

Photo from Triple A Spanking

Wednesday, January 20


Talk to the hand...

Tuesday, January 19

Ask the Mirror

Mirror-mirror on the wall, who is the most spanked brat of all?

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Monday, January 18


Procrastination came with a cost. Chores of course still needed to be done, only now they were being done with a very sore and sorry bottom... and permission to dress would not come until they were fully completed.

Sunday, January 17

Real Meenie of a Game

Eenie meenie miney mo, catch a naughty girl down low, if she hollers do not let her GO!

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Saturday, January 16

Friday, January 15

In Trouble, Again

Can't make heads or tails why, but it's clear the girls are in trouble again.

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Thursday, January 14

Best Foot

Put your best foot forward, or else.

Wednesday, January 13

She Was Right... and Left

That was the last time the girls would argue about whether or not Miss Chris was ambidextrous.

Photo from Clare Fonda

Tuesday, January 12

Forgive Me

Forgiveness isn't always free.

Monday, January 11

A Riddle

What's black and white... and red... all over?

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Sunday, January 10

Long List

You know you're in big trouble when you spanker says "we need to discuss your behavior"... as they pull out a list.

Saturday, January 9

Drying Off

The reason he was giving this spanking was to remind her to always dry the floor when bath time was over. The lesson she was learning? Always-always dry off my bare bottom the very instant bath time is over because this wet bottom thing isn't working!

Photo from Firm Hand

Friday, January 8


She was mad enough to be seeing red.

Thursday, January 7

Noise Complaint

She'd had enough of the noise. All hours of the day and night her friend was creating some sort of racket. Storming into the room to confront her about it... she found someone had beat her to it!

Photo from Dream of Spanking

Wednesday, January 6

Tuesday, January 5

The Scary Thing About Belts

There are scary things about a spanking. The words, "Okay young lady, pull your pants and panties down and bend over." The feel of cool air on bare and vulnerable skin. Knowing this is going to hurt. Nothing quite compares to the fright of hearing that belt cutting through the air. The slight clang of the buckle, the snap of the leather, the whistling of leather as it nears impact...

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Monday, January 4

Getting a Strike

There were lots of strikes at the bowling alley last night... but this was far and away the kinkiest of them.

Saturday, January 2


"With self-discipline most anything is possible."
~Theodore Roosevelt

Friday, January 1


Happy New Year! Wishing you lots of spankings in the coming year.

Thursday, December 31

Happy New Year

He'd promised a 'New Year's Spanking' as the clock struck midnight this year. So - the girls decided to move the clock up a few hours so the countdown would be missed. No problem he declared... "the clock will eventually get back around to midnight, and perhaps I'll just keep spanking until it does!"

Wednesday, December 30

To Tell the Truth

The time for telling me "she did it" is when I first ask, young lady. Instead you told me you "didn't know"... and for that lie, you too are going to get your bottom spanked. Now down with those panties and over my knee you go.

Photo from Punished Brats

Tuesday, December 29

I'm Batman

Keeping Gotham safe from naughty girls, one bottom at a time.

Monday, December 28

Bad Habit

No more excuses, young lady... time to get over your bad habits.

Photo from Spanked in Uniform

Sunday, December 27

Sore Loser

Sometimes it is hard not to be a sore loser... really hard.

Saturday, December 26


364 days until Christmas... and Santa couldn't be happier.

Thursday, December 24

Christmas Eve

Wishing everyone a safe holiday and a Merry Christmas.

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