Friday, October 9

Next Time

Next time she's due a spanking... she'll just pull down her own panties, thank you very much.

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Thursday, October 8

Low Five

Are you trying to give me a low-five, young lady... or is that your way of saying "spank more here, please"...??

Wednesday, October 7

Red Cross

No, your spanking is not over missy. I work for the red cross, not the pinkish cross.

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Tuesday, October 6

No Sympathy

When they'd asked to see just how hard her spanking had been, she thought it was because they felt sympathy for her and her harshly spanked bottom. Uh, not exactly!

Monday, October 5

No Win Decision

Some bad decisions had put her in the position of having to make one more choice... picking what she was going to be punished with.

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Saturday, October 3

Up Against the Wall

While her back wasn't wasn't exactly against the wall, there was no deny she was in trouble.

Photo from Spankmaster General

Friday, October 2

Pyrrhic Victory

Her iron bottom had won this battle, but a quick glance at the wall guaranteed the war would be lost.

Thursday, October 1

Kitchen Clutch

When you're asked "whose turn is it to clean the kitchen" by someone holding a leather strap the correct answer is always "mine!"

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Wednesday, September 30

Waiting For Her Spanking

She had declared she "did NOT want to get spanked." That was fine too... as he could find plenty to do until she changed her mind.

Tuesday, September 29

The Beaten Path

Hey, you said this trip was going to be off the beaten path!

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Monday, September 28

Glad It's Not Me

I've heard of "better you than me"... but this is ridiculous.

Sunday, September 27

Nice Seat

The chair aint half bad either... ;)

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Saturday, September 26

Too Chicken

Well, that's the last time I say you're too chicken to spank me!

Friday, September 25

Getting Her Socks Spanked Off

Wearing black socks to bed? Yea, that will get you spanked!

Photo from Cutiespankee

Thursday, September 24

Finding its Mark

She leaned forward into the chair as the cane touched her bare and already sore bottom. Even the light tap-tap movement of the cane lining up its aim was more than she wanted to feel. But there was no avoiding what had been earned.

Wednesday, September 23

A Polite Spanking

She was certainly sorry for having been so rude to her guest. She wouldn't argue about the spanking it had earned her either. That was well deserved. That her guest was invited to watch the spanking though... and accepted... well, that seemed a bit much. It was so embarrassing!

Photo from Clare Fonda Pass

Tuesday, September 22

Crack of the Belt

He knew the crack of a belt made her jump... though to be honest, he wasn't always sensitive to that fact.

Monday, September 21

Serious Business

The wood spoon was never used for play. It was strictly a discipline implement. There was never any warm-up, and it always started on the bare bottom.

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Sunday, September 20

Safely in Bed... well, maybe not

She was glad to be in bed. It meant the spanking she'd earned earlier in the day would have to wait. At least that's what she'd thought it meant.

Saturday, September 19

Forgiven But Not Forgotten

All is forgiven? Okay, but trust me... my poor bottom is not forgetting this!

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Friday, September 18

Online Time

She knew that she had to watch the clock or the hour would slip away. She also knew that spending more than an hour online would put her in a very uncomfortable position. However, what she knew and what she did were two entirely separate things.

Thursday, September 17

Pull Up a Chair

Pull up a chair, young lady... we need to have a little talk about your behavior.

Photo from Punished Brats

Wednesday, September 16

A Reminder

Earning a session with the cane yesterday hadn't made the needed impression on her or her behavior, so a little reminder on already covered material was going to be needed.

Tuesday, September 15

Losing Combination

A lemon, a bell and a #7... hey, you win a spanking!

Photo from Firm Hand

Monday, September 14

Order Up!

What the heck is "Spanky Bread"... don't believe I've ever had that before. Maybe I should order some?

Sunday, September 13

Whose Sor-ey Now

Who was sorriest for their naughty decisions... eh, could maybe talk about that later. Who was the sorest though, now THAT was something worth talking about!

Photo from Punished Brats

Saturday, September 12

This Won't End Well

She knew that when a discussion started with her standing and Ma'am sitting... that it simply wasn't going to end well for her or her bottom.

Friday, September 11

Making the Point

She was sure she had learned her lesson and was plenty ready enough for her spanking to be over. But he obviously didn't agree. So she attempted to slide her hand back... either hand... whatever it took to make it stop - so she could explain. There would be no such discussion though, no voting and no compromising. This spanking would continue until he decided the point was made.

Photo from Bun Beating Fun

Thursday, September 10

I Want Some Wine, Now!

You want some wine, NOW? Sounds like a plan young lady... I am going to give you some whine!

Wednesday, September 9

Face to Face

The idea of talking problems out with her friend "face to face" certainly sounded reasonable enough, though truth be told she had assumed they'd be sitting for the conversation.

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Tuesday, September 8


That's Mistress Piggy, frog.

Monday, September 7

Betting on the Cane

It was a war of wills and someone had to break first... her or the cane.

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Sunday, September 6

That'll Leave a Mark

Forgetting to buy soap meant her bottom was going to be left with a mark.

Saturday, September 5

Picking Your Poison

You're getting "six of the best"... whether they land on your bottom or hand is entirely up to you.

Photo from Punishment Films

Friday, September 4

By the Book

She said she was more of a book learner!

Thursday, September 3

Reality Check

Getting spanked wasn't a new experience, and she knew full well that was exactly where things were headed when she was told it was "time for a talk." The reality of what that meant didn't sink in until the paddle came out though.

Photo from Real Spanking Pass

Wednesday, September 2

The Bear Bare Facts

She always felt a little more comfortable if she could hold her bear during a spanking. That was certainly okay too, as her spanker was entirely focused on another kind of bare.

Tuesday, September 1

Due discipline

They realized the moment they were caught that spankings had been earned. That was embarrassing enough. To be undressed and then spanked together though, that was especially humiliating.

Photo from Teen Brandi

Monday, August 31

Don't Sit Down Yet

She'd been told to "I'm watching this, leave the remote alone." Fair enough, she thought... I'll just stand up and change the channel! Truth be told though, she'd assumed that she would be sitting down much-much sooner after pulling off her funny little prank.

Sunday, August 30

OTS Position

The classic OTS position... Over The Spankee... ;)

Photo from English Spankers

Saturday, August 29

In a Tight Spot

The little bit of extra modesty that her thong afforded started to feel less and less worth the trouble the more he spanked... and pulled.

Friday, August 28

Or Else What?

If you live under my roof, young lady... you will follow my rules.

Photo from Spanked Sweeties

Thursday, August 27

Bedtime Means "Bed"time

Though she'd got in her jammies and ready for bed on time, she'd fallen asleep in the chair... and thus missed her bedtime. And rules were rules.

Wednesday, August 26

Where is Florida?

Failing her geography test was bad enough. Forgetting where Florida is though? Well, at least she'd remember where her bottom is at!

Photo from Punished Brats

Tuesday, August 25

After the Spanking

Spankings needed to hurt for a clean slate to be earned. Once that clean slate was earned though, it was time for hugs and cuddles.

Monday, August 24

She'll Maybe Never Tell

She'd felt confident that her friend would never-ever tell... that she would take the spanking they'd both earned all by herself. As she watched though, she started to worry. If the right question is asked, if he right threat is made... what will she do?

Photo from Bad Tushy

Sunday, August 23

Intentions Meet Reality

She certainly wanted to be a good girl and remain in place for the spanking she knew she'd earned. Those good intentions were quickly lost to pure instinct when that wicked old belt started landing though.

Saturday, August 22

So Bright

Her future is so bright she's gotta wear shades. Her recent past on other hand... that's a shade of a different color.

Photo from Firm Hand

Friday, August 21

What's Red, White and Black?

How things worked was pretty black and white. Break a rule... and there would be plenty of red.

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