Sunday, December 21

Wish Upon a Wall

Sure young lady, give Santa your wish list... and as long as that wish is on the wall, you'll be getting it!

Saturday, December 20

Point, Counterpoint

Hey, shouldn't Santa have a white beard? 

Maybe... but not as much as you should have a red bottom!

Friday, December 19

Elf Magic

Elf Magic doesn't get things done at Santa's Workshop... hard work and discipline does. Lots of discipline!

Photo from Clare Fonda

Thursday, December 18

Who Will Guide My Sleigh Tonight

Well, that's certainly one way to guide his sleigh tonight!

Wednesday, December 17

You'll Shoot your Eye Out

Uh, thanks Santa. But I didn't say I wanted a redder bum... I said I wanted a Red Ryder BB gun!

Photo from Punished Brats

Tuesday, December 16

A Paddle

Young lady, you hurt Santa's hand! So guess what you're a getting for Christmas this year?

Monday, December 15

Red Christmas

A red Christmas tree? Well, since you seem to like red so much...

Photo from Spank Amber

Sunday, December 14

Santa's Lap

Yes, you can sit on Santa's lap. You my dear can even lay across it.

Saturday, December 13

Joking Around

Joke about my red hat, how about I joke about your red bottom?

But I don't have a red bottom... hey now, wait a second here...

Photo from Clare Fonda Pass

Friday, December 12

With Care

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care. That's with care, young lady... or else!

Thursday, December 11

Where's The Candy?

She could have sworn he'd asked if she wanted a taste of the CANDY cane!

Photo from Spanking Bare Butts

Wednesday, December 10

Under the Tree

Ever wonder why Santa puts the gifts under the tree?

Tuesday, December 9

Hat's Off To Santa

Now young lady, do you still think you have a better hat than Santa?

Monday, December 8

Not Always Jolly

Santa wasn't always jolly, most especially when it came to return trips to the Naughty List.

Sunday, December 7

Santa's Lap

Sit on Santa's lap... uhhhmmm... what if my bottom is too sore for sitting?

Saturday, December 6

Deck the Hall With Boughs of Holly

Something had been lost in the translation of the song... at least from where Holly was laying.

Friday, December 5

Santa's Helper

With the naughty list growing and growing, Santa had no choice but to call on one of his helpers.

Photo from Spanking Sarah

Thursday, December 4

Picking Out a Tree

Hey, at least she didn't make you pick out a switch!

Wednesday, December 3

Mrs Claus

While Santa has his lumps of coal, Mrs Claus is a little more old school when it comes to naughty behavior.

Photo from Sarah Gregory

Tuesday, December 2

My Bad

Oh, you wanted a CANDY cane for Christmas!

Photo from Cutie Spankee

Monday, December 1

Early Gift

She'd tried to sneak a peek at what was under the tree... and all she found was a spanking.

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Sunday, November 30

Not Following the Rules

It says move your hand to the red DOT!

Saturday, November 29

Talking and Doing

She listened to and understood every word he'd said. She knew exactly what "you're going to get a spanking" meant. Knew it would hurt, knew she'd probably cry. But the full reality of what was about to happen didn't truly sink in until he had stopped talking.

Photo from Real Spanking Institute

Friday, November 28

Black (and blue) Friday

Her plan had been to hit the sales today. Somehow that got mixed up.

Photo from Public Disgrace

Thursday, November 27

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Spanksgiving to all you Pilgrims and Indians.

Photo from Girl Spanks Girl

Wednesday, November 26

A Corny Spanking

It was a corny spanking... perfect for the coming holiday.

Tuesday, November 25

Kicking and Screaming

This was a hard spanking for sure, so she understand why her friend let out a little scream. That was okay. Just PLEASE, no kicking!

Photo from Punished Brats

Monday, November 24

Total Recall

She had asked for help remembering where she'd parked... and he definitely had found a way to make it memorable.

Sunday, November 23


Instead of being told to pull down her own pants and panties for the spanking she'd earned... it was being done for her, without a word being said. She knew it meant that she'd have no say whatsoever in how hard or long this spanking would be, which was a scary thought that had her knees shaking.

Photo from Spanked Sweeties

Saturday, November 22

Dishing It Out

Skipping on putting the dishes away was a mistake. What she was REALLY regretting right now though was not putting that wood spoon away!

Friday, November 21

Reality Sinks In

She listened to and understood every word he'd said. She knew exactly what "you're going to get a spanking" meant. Knew it would hurt, knew she'd probably cry. But the full reality of what was about to happen didn't truly sink in until he had stopped talking.

Photo from Real Spanking Institute

Thursday, November 20

Motivated Employees

So with no computers back in the day... how did all this work get done?

Wednesday, November 19

Don't Move

Pants pulled down to her knees in a blur... her panties tugged down even faster... she was in position in nearly the blink of an eye. The only thing that remained was a warning not to put her hands back.

Photo from Bad Tushy

Tuesday, November 18

Sugar Daddy

She'd said a Sugar Daddy should be a giver. Should have been more specific on WHAT he was supposed to give!

Monday, November 17

Losing the Argument

But sir, no one can see us nude sun-bathing. I'm someone and I could see you.

Yea but it's our backyard. It's my backyard and my rules.

But-but, I wanted an all-over tan. Oh, your butt is certainly going to get tanned!

Photo from Real Spankings

Sunday, November 16

Up or Down

You can move your hands down young lady, or I can move this strap up your thighs.

Saturday, November 15

Cleanest Slate - EVER

This was going to be the cleanest clean slate she'd ever earned.

Photo from Spanking Sarah Gregory

Friday, November 14

Looking Back

Looking back on things, she couldn't help but regret her recent decisions.

Thursday, November 13

Love Our Lurkers

This blog has always been about spanking pictures and the story they tell (or can tell) and having fun with that. No topics or open discussions... though, certainly do enjoy any and all comments. In fact if you look, this blog gets a number of clever comments. Some really neat insights into the pictures.

Today I would like to thank everyone that has ever left a comment and further anyone that has taken the time to stop by for a visit. I'd also like to extend an invitation to leave a comment... to share whatever you like. No pressure though, either way I really just want to thank everyone for helping to make this blog a fun place.

We shall see what the future brings too. Many things in my life have changed in the last two years or so, but spanking has certainly remains a big part of what I do. Kicking around the idea of starting up another personal blog along the lines of the old American Spanking Society.

Wednesday, November 12

Paddle And Boat

She thought he said he had a nice "paddle boat." Actually though, it was a nice paddle ~and~ boat.

Photo from CaliKatarina

Tuesday, November 11

My Left Hand Man

Her kicking and squirming did force him to stop spanking... at least with his right hand.

Photo from Bun Beating Fun

Monday, November 10

A Girl's Best Friend

How come he didn't just pinch your ear or squirt you with the squirt bottle?

Photo from XOXO Beth

Sunday, November 9

Better You Than Me

They were taking that entire 'better you than me' thing a little bit too far.

Photo from Girl Spanks Girl

Saturday, November 8

Helping Hand

Ma'am, you're either going to need to start behaving or you are going to need to buy some more lotion.

Friday, November 7

Spanking Your Bottom

How could you spank this face she coyly asked. As the bathbrush was taken out she got her answer. "I'm not going to be spanking your face, my dear."

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Thursday, November 6

Skateboarding Accident

Hey, how did you get that mark on your bottom?

Wednesday, November 5

Again, From the Top

The deep burning sting kept building and building until it was almost too much. With a fighting twist, she was off his lap. Her brief respite was going to prove costly though, because the spanking was going to have to start over from the beginning.

Photo from Bun Beating Fun

Tuesday, November 4

Carpet Burning

She'd earned a spanking for several reasons... and fortunately for her, not vacuuming wasn't among them.

Monday, November 3

The Red Circle

Are you sure it really says, put your red butt on the green circle?

Photo from Triple A Spanking

Sunday, November 2

Outside the Ring

He did say not training hard would mean your butt got beat, though she had assumed he meant that would occur in THE RING.

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