Tuesday, May 31

About to get Serious

Big wood paddle, bare bottom... won't be smiling for long, young lady.

Monday, May 30

Double the Effort

It's not always easy, he would admit that. But that just means you need to make double the effort... which he was always willing to do if needed.

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Sunday, May 29

Hot Bottom

Okay-okay, so maybe it was a hard spanking.

Saturday, May 28


How bad could it be... I mean, eventually her hand has to get tired... right?

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Friday, May 27


She'd had her brush with naughty behavior...

Thursday, May 26

Getting Schooled

Summer school might be fun time, but that doesn't mean you can be disrespectful.

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Wednesday, May 25

Shouldn't Have Asked

Seriously, does anyone here think I deserve a spanking?

Tuesday, May 24


Normally getting in trouble meant being told to go upstairs and wait... then came the lecture and then, well - everyone knows what happens to naughty girls. Today though there was no such formalities. Her behavior was so outrageous that it was just pants and panties straight down - and straight down to business.

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Monday, May 23

All Better

The slate is all clean, time for some soothing aftercare for my good girl.

Sunday, May 22


That moment when you realize this isn't a fun, good-girl spanking.

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Saturday, May 21


No wire hangers... please, forget that... no wood hangers!

Friday, May 20


Backseat driving is harder to do when one can't comfortably sit on their "back seat."

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Thursday, May 19

Toasted Buns

When asked if she "wanted to get her buns toasted"... it being a barbeque and all... she figured it was safe to say yes.

Wednesday, May 18


If the soap falls out of your mouth, young lady... your spanking will start over.

Photo from Bad Tushy

Tuesday, May 17

Time to Reflect

Time to reflect on your recent behavior, young lady.

Monday, May 16

Really, Take Your Time

The idea of saying "trying to sleep here!" crossed her mind as her friend was being spanked, but she quickly thought better of it. Rather wait and sleep comfortably!

Photo from Spanking Sarah Gregory

Sunday, May 15

Feeling the Forest

She couldn't see the forest through the trees... but she could certainly FEEL there was a forest out there, and one with lots of switches in it.

Saturday, May 14

Doing Time

So is this what they mean by 3 "hots" and a cot?

Photo from Bad Tushy

Friday, May 13

On the Fence

When it came to whether or not a naughty girl should be spanked... she was on the fence.

Thursday, May 12

Bath Time is Over!

Next time she says, "time to get out of the tub"... we're betting she won't be ignored!

Photo from Spank Amber

Wednesday, May 11

Wearing Her Out

45 minutes and you haven't even picked out what shoes to wear? Here, I'll pick out something for you... how about a bathbrush!

Tuesday, May 10

Lending a Hand

You know what they say, two hands are better than one!

Photo from Clare Fonda

Monday, May 9

Barely On

He'd said she could keep her panties on... and technically she still had them on!

Sunday, May 8

A Red Bottomed Screamer

She heard a thumping and howling sound outside and wondered... what kind of bird could that be?

Photo from Real Spanking Institute

Saturday, May 7

Big Hugs

Lesson learned and all is forgiven.

Friday, May 6

X Marks the Spot

Our first ever X-rated spanking... ;)

Photo from Spanking Sarah Gregory

Thursday, May 5

Not For Her Comfort

Walking into the bedroom she saw he'd pilled up a collection of soft pillows onto the middle of the bed for her. Never had a pillow seemed so mean!

Wednesday, May 4

Getting Late

Bedtime was 11pm and she was a wee-bit late. She knew that meant trouble, but hoped pointing out "taking the time to spank me will only make me later" might save the night. It did not.

Photo from Punished Brats

Tuesday, May 3

Picnic Time

I guess since I forget to bring the picnic basket, there is nothing to do but be hungry... right?

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Monday, May 2

Not Cool

No truth to the rumor that it's cooler down by the pool.

Photo from Bad Tushy

Sunday, May 1

Six of the Best

Six of the best is bad enough... to get it on an already paddled bottom, well let's just say the lesson was learned.

Saturday, April 30

Calm Down, Young Lady

Strap already in hand he firmly instructed, "Bend over the chair, young lady." She did as she was told, not wanting to make things worse. When she felt her bottoms being tugged down though, the thought of leather strap meeting bare skin was more than she could take. Turning, she began to protest. It was a decision she'd soon regret.

Photo from Punished Brats

Friday, April 29

Getting a Preview

Being told "you're next" sounded like a lucky break at first, as her bottom would be safe for a few more minutes. Having to sit and wait... and watch what was coming due... would have been better to go first and just get it over with.

Thursday, April 28

Discipline Room

She'd always wondered why one of the office rooms had only one chair in it? After coming in 15 minutes late... she figured it out.

Photo from Spanked in Uniform

Wednesday, April 27

Saying Your Prayers

Would be easier to say your prayers on your knees before bedtime like you are supposed to, young lady... because saying them now isn't going to help you.

Tuesday, April 26

Everyone Wins Something

Trophies are given to those who do their very best, young lady... but that's not to say those that don't bother trying are given nothing - you too win a prize, something that will help you remember your lack of effort.

Photo from AAA Spanking

Monday, April 25

Three Bares...

... are no match against one cane.

Sunday, April 24

Does Lying Make it Worse?

Anything to stop her bottom from getting spanked, she figured... so just tell a little lie. By the time it is exposed all this will probably be forgotten. Made perfect sense - until the phone was picked up and a call placed to verify her story.

Photo from Sorority Girls

Saturday, April 23


How do we play doubles with only one paddle... and no net?

Friday, April 22

Some Flexibility

You want some flexibility when it comes to being punished? Well, okay...

Photo from AAA Spanking

Thursday, April 21

The Ruler

What is hard, twelve inches long and causes you to pull your panties down?

Wednesday, April 20

Should have been Polite

She was certainly sorry for having been so rude to her guest. She wouldn't argue about the spanking it had earned her either. That was well deserved. That her guest was invited to watch the spanking though... and accepted... well, that seemed a bit much. It was so embarrassing!

Photo from Clare Fonda Pass

Tuesday, April 19

Just Getting Started

You know there was no shortage of being naughty when you're already sore and sorry before your panties even come down... and before the paddle comes out.

Monday, April 18

Late Checkout Fee

She'd been told to be ready by checkout time, otherwise there would be an extra fee to pay. When 11 o'clock rolled around though, she was still in the bathroom "getting ready to go." Apparently she didn't understand exactly how much that extra fee was going to cost her.

Photo from Punished Brats

Sunday, April 17

Saturday, April 16

Cooling It

She'd been warned to "cool it, or else." But yet another bratty comment followed a moment later, and it was time to step away from the group. There was nothing "cool" about this conversation though. In fact, it was going to be down right blisteringly hot.

Photo from FetishFlixx

Friday, April 15

Maybe Spank Harder

It feels like there is a fly landed on my bottom... try this.

Thursday, April 14

Tight Fit

Her blue-jeans came down when it was time for her lesson to be delivered. And when it was time for them to go back up, that tight fit was going to serve as a not so pleasant reminder.

Photo from Real Spankings

Wednesday, April 13


He said he liked the ponytail look. That's LOOK! Had he more correctly said "the feel" she might have gotten her hair cut.

Tuesday, April 12

Stoking the Fire

There's a piece of wood that should have been thrown into the last fire as it most certainly burns!

Photo from Spanking Sarah Gregory

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