Wednesday, November 25

Tuesday, November 24


Appealing to the mercy of the court... as it turns out... can hurt!

Photo from Bad Tushy

Monday, November 23

Paddle Boat

If this is a turbine powered ship, why does it have a paddle?

Sunday, November 22

First Class

First class has everything... including exactly what a naughty girl needs.

Photo from Spanked in Uniform

Saturday, November 21

Winging It

Just winging it does come with its risks.

Photo from Sarah Gregory

Friday, November 20

Getting Your Own

When he said, "Get your own box"... he meant it!

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Thursday, November 19

Keeping Warm

He'd promised that even though it was a fake fireplace, she'd be plenty warm by it. She figured that meant the fireplace was more than just decorative... that it had a heating coil in it or something. Her guess was waaaay off.

Wednesday, November 18

See You After Class

She'd heard this professor didn't tolerate tardiness, and that it always meant staying after class. But, really... what's the big deal about 15 or 20? Too bad no one bothered to mention how that time was spent!

Photo from Clare Fonda

Tuesday, November 17

Nice Shoes

Next time your spanker says "those are nice shoes"... be very afraid!

Monday, November 16

Noise Complaint

She'd had enough of the noise. All hours of the day and night her friend was creating some sort of racket. Storming into the room to confront her about it... she found someone had beat her to it!

Photo from Dream of Spanking

Sunday, November 15

Don't Scratch

She'd played pool with some strange house rules before, but she'd never encountered a scratch penalty that was this harsh!

Saturday, November 14


She wasn't sure what the protocol was, but since someone was getting called "sir"... she figured it was best to salute.

Photo from Spanked in Uniform

Friday, November 13


He was flexible with some things. Unfortunately for her, rules weren't one of those things.

Thursday, November 12


Have I learned my lesson? Hmm... let me think about that for a second, Sir.

Photo from Firm Hand

Wednesday, November 11

Bad Apple

One bad apple wasn't going to spoil the bunch.

Tuesday, November 10


Yabba Dabba Doo and a spanking too... :)

Photo from Spanking Sarah Gregory

Monday, November 9

Here is a Tip

If your waitress is going to be spanking you with a giant wood paddle after your meal, it's probably not a good idea to be stingy with the gratuity.

Sunday, November 8

More Due

As much trouble as she was in, she knew a trip over Ma'am's knee was still due... and that there was no way her pants and panties would be staying on.

Photo from English Spankers

Saturday, November 7


If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck... maybe don't ask if it is a duck... otherwise you'll get spanked by said duck.

Friday, November 6

Me? Complain, never!

She stormed in all set to complain about the noise. One quick look changed her mind though. She wasn't sure exactly what the spanking was being given for, but certainly wasn't going to risk it being about complaining.

Photo from Clare Fonda

Thursday, November 5

Seeing Clearly

Why yes, my dear... I can see that your bottom is hurting. Perhaps next time you'll think of that before misbehaving.

Wednesday, November 4

Heating Up the Kitchen

"If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen" suddenly took on an entirely new and totally literally meaning.

Photo from Real Spankings Pass

Tuesday, November 3

Pop It For Me

I meant pop the HOOD open!

Monday, November 2

I've Got Your Back

She was going to have to rethink that entire "if you're ever in trouble, just give me a call" offer.

Photo from Punished Brats

Saturday, October 31

Happy Spankoween

Here is wishing you a happy scream!

Friday, October 30

Hint: It Isn't Candy

Don't ever ask a spanker what he plans to hand out for Halloween...

Thursday, October 29

Witching Hour

Click your heals and maybe Halloween will get here quicker... because young lady, that is the only day you get to call me a mean witch!

Photo from Spanking Sarah Gregory

Wednesday, October 28

Tough Crowd

"This is going to hurt me more than you" usually gets more of a laugh than this.

Tuesday, October 27

A Bedtime Story

They'd whined and fussed enough that he'd finally agreed to tell them a bedtime story. They were so-so happy too, up until they heard the first sentence of the story. "Once upon a time there were these two naughty young ladies that liked to complain until they got their way." They knew in an instant that this story was going to have a tear filled ending.

Photo from Triple A Spanking

Monday, October 26

Three Times the Trouble

Well, this wasn't fair. He'd said 20 spanks had been earned... but this was feeling a lot more more like 60.

Sunday, October 25

Talk to the Chair

She was sorry and would never-ever do it again. Not that sharing these facts with the back of the chair was doing her much good.

Photo from Sam's Diaries

Saturday, October 24

A 'Cane' Do Spirit

With a little motivation... such as a dozen when I get home if I don't see 6 cane lines on your bare bottom... it is amazing what one can do!

Friday, October 23

A 'little' Talk

So, yea... maybe his scoldings got a little long winded at times.

Photo from Firm Hand

Thursday, October 22

Hot Enough For You

She figured he was just exaggerating about the heat when he said, "you'll be blistered after 10 minutes in the sauna." Turns out though, he wasn't even talking about the temperature.

Wednesday, October 21

There's Your Sign

When your spanker grabs a handful of hair, that's a pretty good sign that this isn't going to be one of those soft and gentle spankings.

Photo from Spank Amber

Tuesday, October 20

Playing Doctor

Okay, you might feel a biting pain on the surface of your skin, which will intensify deeper and deeper as I repeat this... uhhh, procedure... 6 times.

Monday, October 19

Garage Spanking

Privacy was a big time issue in the house, so she figured she was totally safe. After all, he couldn't spank with unknowing ears so close by. Perhaps though she should have considered how few ears were in the garage.

Photo from Bad Tushy

Sunday, October 18

A Bear Bottom Spanking

When he sent a note promising a "bear bottom spanking" she naturally assumed he had made a spelling error (as if tops ever make mistakes!).

Photo by Dr Lectr of Ten Amorette (on FetLife)

Saturday, October 17

The Kick in Spanking

So THAT is this "kick" in the "you can kick and fight all you like, but you're still getting spanked."

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Friday, October 16

Naked Spanking

It's not truly a "naked spanking" if he's dressed... right?

Thursday, October 15

Spanking Your Bottom

How could you spank this face she coyly asked. As the bathbrush was taken out she got her answer. "I'm not going to be spanking your face, my dear."

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Wednesday, October 14

More Rope

Turns out a spanker will NOT hang himself if given more rope!

Tuesday, October 13

Again, from the Top

The deep burning sting kept building and building until it was almost too much. With a fighting twist, she was off his lap. Her brief respite was going to prove costly though, because the spanking was going to have to start over from the beginning.

Photo from Bun Beating Fun

Monday, October 12

It's Time

No more talking, young lady... it is time for these panties to come down and for you to get was is due.

Sunday, October 11

Almost Over

It's almost over... well, except for the kicking and screaming part.

Photo from AAA Spanking

Saturday, October 10


Keep it up young lady and I will get out the kryptonite paddle...

Photo from Shadow Lane

Friday, October 9

Next Time

Next time she's due a spanking... she'll just pull down her own panties, thank you very much.

Photo from Bad Tushy

Thursday, October 8

Low Five

Are you trying to give me a low-five, young lady... or is that your way of saying "spank more here, please"...??

Wednesday, October 7

Red Cross

No, your spanking is not over missy. I work for the red cross, not the pinkish cross.

Photo from Spanked in Uniform

Tuesday, October 6

No Sympathy

When they'd asked to see just how hard her spanking had been, she thought it was because they felt sympathy for her and her harshly spanked bottom. Uh, not exactly!

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