Wednesday, April 23

Impact of your Behavior

Naughty behavior can have quite an impact on your day.

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Tuesday, April 22

A Hug is Always Nice

He felt bad that she'd earned a spanking. Not bad enough to stop the spanking, mind you... but hey, a hug is always nice!

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Monday, April 21

So Much For a "little" Talk

So, yea... maybe his scoldings got a little long winded at times.

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Sunday, April 20


tar·get (noun), definition: 1) Something aimed or fired at. 2) An object of criticism.

... her bottom definitely was meeting both definitions of a target.

Saturday, April 19

There's Your Sign

When your spanker grabs a handful of hair, that's a pretty good sign that this isn't going to be one of those soft and gentle spankings.

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Friday, April 18

Giving Up Your Seat

What do you mean? How can I offer you my "sit spot" if you're already sitting?

Thursday, April 17

Talk To The Chair

She was sorry and would never-ever do it again. Not that sharing these facts with the back of the chair was doing her much good.

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Wednesday, April 16

50 Shades of Red

Forget that grey stuff!

Tuesday, April 15

Bite Your Tongue

She'd been warned to not make a sound, "or else." While she really wanted to cry out, she also had a pretty good idea what that "or else" would be and wanted no part of it. So, she bit down and did as she was told.

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Monday, April 14

Think I'll Just Stay Here

Rub your bottom or move around, you can do as you like young lady. But if that spatula moves one inch before I come and get it, I will be repeating your spanking.

Sunday, April 13

Dressed For Success-fully Getting Spanked

Given the way she'd decided to dress for the day perhaps complaining about the cold wasn't the best of ideas.  It did however manage to get her "warmed up!"

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Saturday, April 12

Something To Go With Your Wine

How about a spanking to go with that whine.

Friday, April 11

Me, Complain? Never!

She stormed in all set to complain about the noise. One quick look changed her mind though. She wasn't sure exactly what the spanking was being given for, but certainly wasn't going to risk it being about complaining.

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Thursday, April 10


I said "everything" was to be done in triplicate... and since you managed to forget that... everything is going to include you getting spanked.

Wednesday, April 9

Monk-eying Around

There are just certain people in this world you don't monkeying around with!

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Tuesday, April 8


Art is in the eye of the paddle-holder!

Monday, April 7

You Can't Spank Me!

True enough, *I* can't spank you... not if you're fussing like this. However young lady, you aren't getting out of the punishment that has so richly been earned. We will BOTH spank you!

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Sunday, April 6

Nothing to Say

She had nothing to say when the carper beater came out.

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Saturday, April 5

And Wait For What?

What happens once I go upstairs are wait in my room?

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Thursday, April 3

x^2-10x+y^2-20y=-125 what is x+y=?

Since she couldn't get get formula done in her math homework... she would be "given" the answer!

(extra credit if you know what the answer is!)

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Wednesday, April 2

It's Over

Despite all the talking and explaining, pleading and begging... she finally realized it was over and she would be getting the spanking that had been earned.

Tuesday, April 1

April Fool's Day

She had been promised a 'bear spanking'...

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Monday, March 31

Sunday, March 30

He Won't Stand For That

"That spanking was too f***ing hard!"... is not the best line to use when getting up from said spanking.

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Saturday, March 29

It Means Big Trouble

Ever got that scary look that says you are going to get a spanking? Well, what does it mean when you get it during an actual spanking??

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Friday, March 28

A Spanking Before Your Spanking

Fidgeting in the corner meant getting spanked... before it was time to get your spanking.

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Thursday, March 27

Whipped Cream

I said life was better with whipped CREAM!

Wednesday, March 26

Give Me Your Hand

No talking your way out of what has been earned, young lady... now give me that hand.

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Tuesday, March 25

Meet My Hand

She'd warned, "Keep it up and my hand will be talking to your bottom."

Monday, March 24

Cooking in the Kitchen

The recipe said to beat for how long?

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Sunday, March 23

He Figured It Out

They say don't close the barn door after the horse runs away. What they don't tell you is... what to do with the person that left the door open in the first place?

Saturday, March 22

Bedtime Spanking

A spanking right before bed always helped her fall asleep fast.

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Friday, March 21

Thumbs Up!

Does my bottom look spanked to you?

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Thursday, March 20

Time For A Tune-Up

A little tune-up and she'll be fine!

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Wednesday, March 19

Paying Up Here and Now

Even though she figured on losing, betting a spanking didn't seem that risky. Maybe though she should have asked WHEN and WHERE this losing bet would have to be paid.

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Tuesday, March 18

Pick Up Sticks

It seemed liked an innocent afternoon stroll... with him gathering thin branches, for some strange reason?

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Monday, March 17

Sunday, March 16


Her spanking over, finally... she wanted to get her panties up and dressed as soon as possible. You know, just to be *sure* it really was over. Only one problem, that thin layer of fabric dragging against her sore skin hurt!

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Saturday, March 15

Ides of March

Beware of the ides of March!

Friday, March 14

Yell, Kick and Scream

Cheerleaders are known for yelling, kicking, and screaming on the field... and sometimes naughty cheerleaders are known to do the same at home.

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Thursday, March 13

Speaking Softly

He speaks softly and carries a... uhhh... guess it wasn't exactly a big stick... but he sure knew how to make his point with it!

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Wednesday, March 12


Well, it's not like he'll spank us both... right?

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Tuesday, March 11


Throwing caution to the wind they decide to cross the line, because... what's the worst that could happen?

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Monday, March 10

Is It Over Yet?

She thought that maybe the spanking should be over now so asked, "Is it time for you to rub my bottom yet?"

The good news was he did stop and pull her panties down. The bad news... no, he wasn't going to be doing any rubbing!

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Sunday, March 9

15 More

Just 15 more minutes on Facebook, then I'll sign-off.

15 more... I'll give you 15 more!!

Saturday, March 8

Brush Up On

Time to brush up on exactly what the rules around here are.

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Friday, March 7

Sitting Is Better

You're spending 30 minutes a day on the exercise bike... whether you spend that time sitting or not is up to you.

Thursday, March 6

Well, As Long As You're Paying Attention

Do you hear me talking to you?

Um, no... but I hear that paddle!

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Wednesday, March 5

Answer: A Really Naughty Girl!

What's black and white and red all over?

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