Monday, May 25

Enough Said

Her big talking had got her into this position... but it certainly wasn't going to be getting her our of it.

Sunday, May 24

Fun and Games... until

It's all fun and games getting into trouble... but getting out of said trouble, that is a bit more of a challenge - at least in this house, young lady.

Photo from Bun Beating Fun

Saturday, May 23

The Heat Isn't On

See, not enough heat... she definitely hasn't learned her lesson yet.

Friday, May 22

Four Squared

The good news was his lap was only big enough for one naughty girl. The bad news... the room had four corners.

Photo from Real Life Spankings

Thursday, May 21

I Need a Volunteer

Next time he says he needs a volunteer, you might want to ask what he needs the volunteer FOR!

Wednesday, May 20

Code Red

Ever wonder what a "code red" really meant in a hospital... well now you know!

Photo from Spanked in Uniform

Tuesday, May 19

Time For a Change

Step into the dressing room for a moment young lady... there is something I want you to change immediately, and it can't wait until we get home.

Monday, May 18

Not Quite Summer

Summer is almost here, so she figured... what can he do if I don't do my homework?

Photo from Bars and Stripes

Sunday, May 17

Bare Bottomed and All Ears

Amazing how before your pants and panties are pulled down you have zero interest in listening to what I say. But get your bare bottom across my knee, and all of a sudden you're all ears.

Saturday, May 16

Looking Up

On the positive side, there was nowhere to go from here but up!

Photo from 2Punish

Friday, May 15

Spanking Breeze

Quite a breeze coming off the water.

Thursday, May 14

Telling Lies

Lying gets you spanked, she knew that. What happened when you told the same lie twice... well... she was about to learn what that earned you.

Photo from English Spankers

Wednesday, May 13

Made To Spank

Some girls are just 'maid' to spank...

Tuesday, May 12

Not So Safely In Bed

Seemingly tucked away in bed for the night she assumed she was safe. That she'd gotten away with her naughty behavior. Then there was a knock on her door...

Photo from Punished Brats

Monday, May 11

Found It!

She was sticking to her story... that she had "misplaced" the bathbrush... in a box, in the garage. Fair enough - he'd just make sure she knew to keep better track of exactly where it's at.

Sunday, May 10

Table Manners

Her table manners needed some work, and he was the man for the job.

Photo from AAA Spanking

Saturday, May 9


She was singing "row-row your boat" as the paddle swung back... could only hope she remembered that "GENTLY down the stream" part!

Friday, May 8

In Hot Water

He had warned not to use all the hot water...

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Thursday, May 7

Staying Outside

Once you pick your switch out young lady, bring it to me... no need to go inside either.

Wednesday, May 6

A (painful) Riddle

What is green and red all over?

Photo from Spanked Coeds

Tuesday, May 5

Your Color

No... I have to still say... red looks best on you!

Monday, May 4

Long Night

It was going to be a hard night to sleep, and there would certainly be no laying on her back. But she knew she had no one to blame but herself.

Photo from Sound Spanking

Sunday, May 3

Up and Down

With that wicked little hairbrush raining DOWN... why is the instinct to push your poor exposed bottom UP!?

Saturday, May 2


She won't get that mad if we stay up past bedtime. And worst case we get a warning because it's not like she'd spank all of us... right?

Photo from Clare Fonda

Friday, May 1

Good vs Naughty

When you're a good girl, you get a nice comfortable seat. When you're not a good girl... your seat is far-far less accommodating.

Thursday, April 30

Helping Hand

"If you don't get this kitchen cleaned I will have to lend a hand and help"... well, next time she'll have to ask "to help with WHAT"... because if it is to help motivate, the best bet is to just get it done when first asked!

Photo from Spanking Sorority Girls

Wednesday, April 29

She Was Warned

You've reached your limited, young lady. One more rude comment and I will take my belt off.

Tuesday, April 28

Her Shoes

Well, that's the last time she suggests he "walk a mile in her shoes" before telling her what to do.

Photo from Punishment Films

Monday, April 27

Japanese Baseball

Japanese baseball is similar to the American game in many ways... but it does have its subtle differences, most especially when it comes to punishing rule violators.

Sunday, April 26

Brushing Up

Time to brush up on your manners, young lady.

Photo from Spanking Casting

Saturday, April 25

I Am Your Daddy

Luke... I am you daddy!

Friday, April 24

Size Doesn't Matter

Speak softly and carry a big stick? Listen young lady, I don't need a big stick to make my point!

Photo from Spanking Teen Jessica

Thursday, April 23

Your Royal Highness

A crown on your head doesn't mean you're going to avoid lines on your bottom if you misbehave.

Photo from Princess Kelley

Wednesday, April 22

Give A Girl An Inch...

... and she'll take a foot (or a yardstick).

Photo from Spanked Coeds

Tuesday, April 21

Time To Get It Right

When time was up she would have to come out of the corner and apologize for her behavior and get it right... or should would be going over his knee again.

Monday, April 20

It Happens Fast

Without thinking, you make a smart aleck remark... and seemingly without pause, he has you over his knee with your pants and panties tugged down. No time to explain, no time to get ready. No time to run! Just time to be a very sorry girl that wishes she'd have taken an extra moment to better pick her words.

Photo from AAA Spanking

Sunday, April 19

Better To Be Safe

She'd heard a proper spanking should be given "with panties off"... she just wasn't sure whose panties that meant.

Saturday, April 18

Change in Plans

A grown woman getting spanked for being rude, it's ridiculous - who does he think he is! No way am I going to give him the satisfaction of any sort of response. Nope, going to lay completely still and not make a sound. And an apology, he can forget that!

...then the spanking started, and those big plans were quickly forgotten.

Photo from AAA Spanking

Friday, April 17

Reach For It

You can either hold those ankles missy, or I can pull those panties down and start over.

Thursday, April 16

Talk to the Hand

Talking to the hand tends to be a one-sided conversation.

Photo from Spanked in Uniform

Wednesday, April 15

All Business

If she had to pull your panties down, she was all business... and you were a very sore and sorry girl.

Tuesday, April 14

Redheaded Stepchild

Keep it up and I am going to spank you like a redheaded stepchild...

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Monday, April 13

Fair Warning

Six with the paddle young lady, and you move those pretty little shoes once inch and your panties are coming down.

Sunday, April 12

Close to Home

He'd promised "a spanking as soon as we get home." She figured any easy way to beat that plan was to refuse to go inside. Clever idea... but it didn't quite work.

Photo from 2Punish

Saturday, April 11

Getting Right To It

When dad doesn't even have time to loosen his tie when he gets home before dishing out a spanking... you know someone has been a very naughty girl.

Friday, April 10

Always Ready

He had a tool for every possible job...

Photo from Strict Spanking

Thursday, April 9

Extra Coverage

You think that's a swimsuit young lady? Really?? Look... my hand covers more!

Wednesday, April 8

Locker Room

The locker room is for changing and getting yourself ready. And if you forget that it can also be for spanking.

Photo from Cutie Spankee

Tuesday, April 7

The Strap

Ten with the strap didn't sound too bad. As to how it felt, well that was a different story.

Monday, April 6

Just Look in the Mirror

And who is to blame for this spanking, young lady?

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

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