Friday, July 3

Adding Some Color

Getting your hair colored without bothering to ask permission? Well young lady, since you seem to like red so much...

Photo from Punished Brats

Thursday, July 2

No One Knows Anything

Hey, this isn't fair! You don't know which one of us actually did it!! True, but to be fair... you don't know who is spanking you either... so it's even!

Wednesday, July 1

Cold Consequences

Not that it is fun at any time, but having to pull your jammies down on a cold winter night is especially unpleasant.

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Tuesday, June 30


'The Classic Summer Hit!'

Monday, June 29

You're Getting Spanked

"Go get the hairbrush" was not what she wanted to hear. Throw in "young lady" and the situation become even bleaker. The deal was totally sealed when he added, "and pull your shorts down when you get back."

Photo from Spanking Bare Butts

Sunday, June 28

A Helping Hand

Since you seem to like having a hand on your bottom so much young lady, I'm going to help you out... and apply my hand to your bottom an extra 10 times each time you reach back.

Photo from The Irish Spankee

Saturday, June 27

Getting It in Backseat

She figured her punishment would wait until after the ride home. However she hadn't calculated the size of the backseat and the presences of a hairbrush.

Photo from Real Spankings Pass

Friday, June 26

Not Funny

What do you call a sleepwalking nun?

A roamin' Catholic!

Thursday, June 25

The Three Bares

My bottom is really sore.

It's not as bad as mine though.

You're both crazy, no way did you get spanked as hard as I did!

Photo from Clare Fonda

Wednesday, June 24

Santa Claus

Six more months until Christmas... time for Santa to head back to the North Pole and get to work on that naughty list.

Tuesday, June 23

Don't Forget Behind the Ears

A bath and a spanking washes all the naughtiness away. Well, most of it anyway.

Photo from Spanking Bare Butts

Monday, June 22

Teaching Lessons

She taught lessons that were remembered long after class was over.

Sunday, June 21

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. And remember, no matter how old he gets... Dad can still teach a lesson if needed!

Photo from Bars and Stripes

Saturday, June 20

Working Over

I thought you said if I didn't get done in time, I'd owe "you some overtime"... not that I'd owe "some over your knee time!"

Friday, June 19

She'll Never Tell... ??

She'd felt confident that her friend would never-ever tell... that she would take the spanking they'd both earned all by herself. As she watched though, she started to worry. If the right question is asked, there will be no hiding the truth... and then what?

Photo from Bad Tushy

Thursday, June 18

Self Spanking

Assigned a self spanking, she knew full well that she better be able to show a red and well spanked bottom... otherwise she'd end up paying double.

Wednesday, June 17

So Bright

Her future is so bright she gotta wear shades. Her recent past on other hand... that's so naughty she gets to wear shades of red.

Photo from Firm Hand

Tuesday, June 16

Whipping Something Up

Oh please, what do you need a spatula for... when was the last time you cooked?!!

Monday, June 15

Cheater Never Prosper

Copying someone else's test will get you in big trouble... as will allowing someone to copy your test.

Photo from Girl Spanks Girl

Sunday, June 14

Wedding Bliss

There is a reason the bride is blushing...


Saturday, June 13

Making It Clear

She had a way of making it real clear... disrespectful behavior was not going to be tolerated.

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Friday, June 12


Hey, not fair... this should count as two spankings!

Thursday, June 11

Double Trouble

The thing about lying is, one lie leads to another and another. And around here there is no discount for telling multiple lies. Each and every lie gets a young lady into trouble.

Photo from English Spankers

Wednesday, June 10

Making the Point

All the talking in the world didn't make the point as well as a trip over his knee did.

Tuesday, June 9

Talk to the Glove

In some house it was big trouble when the gloves came off. Here though, you worried when they stayed on.

Photo from Cyber Dyke

Monday, June 8

Old Fashioned

She'd been told they used the 'old fashioned' way to keep the house clean. She figured that meant other people working hard scrubbing and cleaning. What it actually meant was... you got your bottom strapped if you didn't pick up after yourself.

Sunday, June 7


She knew that given her current bargaining position it was best to agree to be a good girl from now on. So... why in the world did the word "maybe" come out of her mouth?!!

Photo from Dreams of Spanking

Saturday, June 6


If you're not ready on time... I will spanking you!

Friday, June 5

Asking For a Raise

Everyone learned... the hard way... that the boss had a paddled named "raise."

Photo from Cutie Spankee

Thursday, June 4

The Breaking Point

He'd reached the breaking point with her behavior. If only that wicked cane could say the same...

Wednesday, June 3

A Good Cry

As he spanked he scolded about how disappointed he was. The he knew she could do better, that she was capable of so much more. That others... especially herself... had accepted less than her best as good enough. And as he continued to spank the words started to sink in... and tears started to flow.

Photo from Bun Beating Fun

Tuesday, June 2

April Showers

April showers bring May flowers. May showers though... apparently those only bring mean spankings.

Monday, June 1

Ready to Go

She knew she couldn't get up until her spanking was over - but she definitely was going to be ready when that moment came.

Photo from AAA Spanking

Sunday, May 31

Made For Breaking

'Must wear a helmet'... rules, rules, rules... and what are they going to do if don't listen!?

Saturday, May 30

Happy Birthday

A happy little spanking for your birthday... :)

Friday, May 29

Meant That Literally

To be fair, she had been told that she'd be "ridden hard" about following the rules.

Thursday, May 28

The Thud Life

This life of crime had more bumps and bruises than was anticipated.

Photo from Bad Tushy

Wednesday, May 27

Big Bad Rules

Little Red Riding Hood thought bringing a friend to the woods with her would hep her avoid finding the Big Bad Wolf again. As it turned out though, trouble still found her... and her friend... as breaking the new rule about staying out of the woods was simply not going to be tolerated.

Tuesday, May 26

More Than Saying Sorry

Apologizing is always appreciated, but that dress is still getting pulled up young lady and you are still getting exactly what you have earned.

Photo from Spank Amber

Monday, May 25

Enough Said

Her big talking had got her into this position... but it certainly wasn't going to be getting her our of it.

Sunday, May 24

Fun and Games... until

It's all fun and games getting into trouble... but getting out of said trouble, that is a bit more of a challenge - at least in this house, young lady.

Photo from Bun Beating Fun

Saturday, May 23

The Heat Isn't On

See, not enough heat... she definitely hasn't learned her lesson yet.

Friday, May 22

Four Squared

The good news was his lap was only big enough for one naughty girl. The bad news... the room had four corners.

Photo from Real Life Spankings

Thursday, May 21

I Need a Volunteer

Next time he says he needs a volunteer, you might want to ask what he needs the volunteer FOR!

Wednesday, May 20

Code Red

Ever wonder what a "code red" really meant in a hospital... well now you know!

Photo from Spanked in Uniform

Tuesday, May 19

Time For a Change

Step into the dressing room for a moment young lady... there is something I want you to change immediately, and it can't wait until we get home.

Monday, May 18

Not Quite Summer

Summer is almost here, so she figured... what can he do if I don't do my homework?

Photo from Bars and Stripes

Sunday, May 17

Bare Bottomed and All Ears

Amazing how before your pants and panties are pulled down you have zero interest in listening to what I say. But get your bare bottom across my knee, and all of a sudden you're all ears.

Saturday, May 16

Looking Up

On the positive side, there was nowhere to go from here but up!

Photo from 2Punish

Friday, May 15

Spanking Breeze

Quite a breeze coming off the water.

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