Thursday, October 30

Still Funny?

With her spanking over it seemed safe to tease a little at her friend's plight. It got a bit less fun though when a second spanking was quickly promised.

Photo from Bad Tushy

Wednesday, October 29

Not Exactly

Am I getting spanked when we get home?

Tuesday, October 28

Solution at Hand

Sometimes there is simply no point in waiting. No reason to "wait until we get home" and no reason for long lectures and details. No, sometimes the only solution at hand is to bend you over and lift your skirt and take care of business here and now.

Photo from Spanked in Uniform

Monday, October 27

Bare is Better

Having your panties pulled down is no favor... though it is better than having them pulled UP!

Sunday, October 26

Staying In Position

She'll surely remember being in this position later tonight... as it will be the most comfortable one to sleep in.

Photo from Strict Spanking

Saturday, October 25

Kicking It Up

Sometimes a young lady can be quite stubborn and a hand spanking just isn't enough to teach the needed lesson. But with no paddle or belt or hairbrush in sight, what could be done about it?

Friday, October 24

Bad Kitty

What? You want me to feel sorry for you! Ha, silly human... remember when you squirted me with that water bottle? Well I do!

Photo from Dreams of Spanking

Thursday, October 23

Poor Guy

It's too bad you were such a naughty girl because now I have to spank you.

Wednesday, October 22

That's Not Your Job

Well now young lady, if that doesn't take all the fun out of pulling your hair!

Photo from Firm Hand

Tuesday, October 21

Either Way

Not rolling over for your spanking doesn't mean said spanking will be avoided.

Monday, October 20

Wax On

It didn't make sense . Why wax such an old car? So, despite what she'd been told... she decided not to do it. And if there were any complaints, she'd explain "wax it yourself!"

In hindsight she should have been more specific on WHAT exactly to wax.

Photo from Spanking Amber

Sunday, October 19

Well Earned

Her good girl spanking had been hard earned and she was going to enjoy it.

Saturday, October 18

Had to Ask

Hey Mr Spanker... how did you managed to pull my panties down further than my jeans?

Photo from Bad Tushy

Friday, October 17

Buckle Up For Saftety

Turns out his saying "buckle up" wasn't a request... it was more like a direct order.

Thursday, October 16

Wednesday, October 15

I Think I Would

You wouldn't use that belt on my already sore bottom... would you?

Tuesday, October 14

You Wanted to See Me?

Why had Ma'am summoned her? Sure she'd been forgetful about the rules, and yes maybe she had been a little naughty with her behavior. But she wasn't the only one in the house that had slipped. In fact she wasn't even the worst. So no way did Ma'am want to see her for one of those talks. Right?

Photo from Girl Spanks Girl

Monday, October 13

Nowhere To Go

The wicked hairbrush was out, and she had nowhere to hide.

Sunday, October 12

Does My HMO Cover This

Two things you never want to hear from your doctor. 1) This is going to hurt, and 2) Bend over and grab your ankles. When he says both while holding a paddle though, well - that's BIG trouble.

Photo from English Spankers

Saturday, October 11

Bon Voyage

She had a slightly different way of waving Bon Voyage!

Friday, October 10

Can You Hear Me Now

One way or another she'd teach them both to be better listeners.

Photo from Spanked Call Girls

Thursday, October 9

A Long Spanking

When she is refusing to say she will try to be a good girl... you know it's going to be a loooong spanking.

Wednesday, October 8

House Rules

So what's the rule when you scratch?

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Tuesday, October 7

News Flash

You can't beat channel 5's coverage... or can you?

Monday, October 6

Not Fair

How come she gets to keep her panties on?!

Photo from English Spankers

Sunday, October 5

Over a Barrel

In this house, being 'over the barrel' isn't just a saying.

Photo from Cane Dreamer

Saturday, October 4

She Was Serious

She'd been warned that her aunt didn't tolerate bad behavior... but had decided, 'what can she do about it?'

Photo from Cutie Spankee

Friday, October 3

No Choice

Amy: Are you saying you want to spank me?

Sheldon: I don't want to. But, it looks like you have left me no choice.

Amy: That's true. I've been a very bad girl.

From the TV show 'The Big Bang Theory'

Thursday, October 2

The Backseat

If you keep up with the backseat driving, I'll come back there do some backseat work of my own.

Photo from Real Life Spanking

Wednesday, October 1

Not Really

It's such a pretty paddle, Sir... you almost don't want to use it.

Tuesday, September 30

Triple Trouble

If one of you misbehaves, than all three of you are going to be in trouble.

Photo from Sarah Gregory

Monday, September 29

Sitting Safely

She certainly wasn't going to disobey when told to, "sit over there young lady, I'm not done with you yet." Given what had just happened and what was still to come though, she certainly wasn't going to be doing that sitting on her bottom either.

Sunday, September 28

Getting Lines

When he said he'd "give her lines" if she didn't start behaving... she thought that meant she'd be *writing*.

Photo from Dreams of Spanking

Saturday, September 27

Sitting Uncomfortably

She won't be sitting around making excuses anymore... at least not comfortably so.

Friday, September 26

A Cry and a Chuckle

To say she felt bad that about her friend getting spanked might have been stretching it a wee-bit.

Photo from Punished Brats

Thursday, September 25

Red... and green, yellow, blue... Bottom

He had promised to paint her bottom red!

Wednesday, September 24

Playing the Odds

After her spanking was over she was told not to rub her bottom or there would be further consequences. He was busy spanking her friend though... so really... what were the chances he'd catch one quick rub?

Photo from Spanking Digital

Tuesday, September 23

That's Just Cold

Okay so maybe a sneak attack snowball throw was a wee-bit mean on her part and if forced she'd have to admit a spanking wasn't a totally unfair response. But outside in the freezing cold and on the bare bottom... no way would she admit to that being anything but cold hearted!

Photo from A Painful Awakening

Monday, September 22

Can't We Just Get Along

They'd both gotten their bottoms spanked for constantly bickering with each other. Sore and seemingly sorry they agreed that a gentle mutual butt rub would be soothing. It was too, until they started disagreeing about who'd been spanked harder.

Photo from Spanking Sarah Gregory

Sunday, September 21

Saturday, September 20

Or Else

Quit kicking those feet, young lady... or else.

Or else what? You're already spanking my bottom!

Photo from Spanking Bailey

Friday, September 19

Clean Your Room

She couldn't exactly complain about getting spanked for having a dirty room.

Thursday, September 18

Sweeping Changes

There would be no more sweeping her bad behavior under the rug.

Photo from 2Punish

Wednesday, September 17

You're Never Going To Believe This..

She thought she could explain that she "fell down" if her doctor asked any questions at tomorrow's appointment. Not sure that excuse would work though... unless she claimed to have landed on her husband's hand... several times.

Tuesday, September 16

Safe Bet

Getting to keep her jeans on was nice and all, but if she had to bet it would be on this still hurting.

Photo from Firm Hand

Monday, September 15

Or What?

Do not make me pull this car over!

Sunday, September 14

Raise Your Hand and Swear

Every time you swear missy, I raise my hand!

Photo from Spanking Sarah Gregory

Saturday, September 13

In Hot Water

Careful around that hot-tub... you'll blister your bottom!

Friday, September 12

Like The Socks

Gotta love a girl that appreciate a good sock.

Photo from Punished Brats

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