Monday, June 27

Handle on the Situation

He called her a "crawler." That is, when the intensity of her spanking started to pick up... she had a habit of pushing, squirming, pulling and slithering off of his knee. Fortunately she came with a convenient and ready handle that proved to be an excellent counter to her crawling attempts.

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Sunday, June 26

Double Trouble

They knew the risks. Both of their husbands would not hesitate to dish out a spanking. But surely even if caught, any spanking would wait until they'd gotten home and had privacy.

Saturday, June 25

The Problem Solver

The little spoon was only used to solve big problems.

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Friday, June 24

Spanked in Public

Next time she's asked, "Do you want to be taken home for your spanking"... she'll say yes!!

Thursday, June 23

Can Get Worse

Keeping fussing, and this will can worse in a big hurry.

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Wednesday, June 22


Being "taught a lesson" in the library didn't have anything to do with books in this house.

Tuesday, June 21

What's the Deal with the Panties?

She'd never argue that her spanking wasn't well deserved. But what was the deal here? Her spanking wasn't MORE deserved, so why did she get it on the bare from start to finish... while her friend was getting it over the panties? They'd done the same exact thing! Of course, she realized she wasn't exactly in a good position to start complaining about the fairness of it all.

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Monday, June 20

No Such Luck

When she saw him bringing a paddle with him for a walk in the woods... she hoped they'd end up at a lake, with a boat.

Sunday, June 19

You DO need a Stinking Badge

She'd been warned when hired to always have her security badge or "it would be a discipline issue." She assumed that meant a verbal warning or perhaps a write up. Turned out though, they were a bit more serious about security here.

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Saturday, June 18


The workout bench never gets used? Well, let's change that!

Friday, June 17

The Low Down

When the sting started to add up she was in the habit of sliding towards the floor, where her spanker would wait for her to again stand before giving more. But no such pause was allowed now, as this spanker also was touching the floor.

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Thursday, June 16

Hold at Six

Six have been earned young lady, but move those hands and the dress comes off and we get very serious.

Wednesday, June 15

Now Everyone Knows

Do you think I care that your friends know you still get spanked? Should have though that before you acted up in front of them.

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Tuesday, June 14

Since You Like Showing Off

You thought it would be fun to show off in front of the class with your disrespect, so it's only fair to show the class the consequences of that behavior.

Monday, June 13

A Losing Hand

What happens in strip poker when you're already naked and you lose a hand?

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Sunday, June 12

Saturday, June 11

Interesting Furniture

Friends that he picked out furniture that looked interesting. She however knew he liked to pick items that could be used in interesting ways.

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Friday, June 10

The Short and Long of it

The lecture was a very short one and then her pants and panties were tugged down quickly and over the knee she went... for a very long lesson in proper manners.

Thursday, June 9


Keep that bottom still and take what you have earned... or I will get the paddle.

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Wednesday, June 8

Big Trouble

If the paddle was any hint, she was in BIG trouble.

Tuesday, June 7

Worth 1000 Words

Never gets in trouble? Ha, next time she says that I'll have some proof that says otherwise!

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Monday, June 6

Don't Look Back

Head forward young lady, or you will get double.

Sunday, June 5

What To Wear To Bed

Next time maybe I'll sleep in my blue jeans!

Photo from Sarah Gregory

Saturday, June 4

House Rules

Yes, this is an old fashioned house missy... including rules about respecting your elders and consequences for not doing so.

Friday, June 3

Where the Sun Shines

Start being a good girl and you won't have to worry about where the Sun doesn't (usually) shine.

Photo from Spanking Glamor

Thursday, June 2

Sit and Think

Being told to sit and think about what you have done isn't easy when your mind is focused on how sore what you're sitting on is.

Wednesday, June 1

A Wholly Experience

On the whole, this was an experience she could have lived without!

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Tuesday, May 31

About to get Serious

Big wood paddle, bare bottom... won't be smiling for long, young lady.

Monday, May 30

Double the Effort

It's not always easy, he would admit that. But that just means you need to make double the effort... which he was always willing to do if needed.

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Sunday, May 29

Hot Bottom

Okay-okay, so maybe it was a hard spanking.

Saturday, May 28


How bad could it be... I mean, eventually her hand has to get tired... right?

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Friday, May 27


She'd had her brush with naughty behavior...

Thursday, May 26

Getting Schooled

Summer school might be fun time, but that doesn't mean you can be disrespectful.

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Wednesday, May 25

Shouldn't Have Asked

Seriously, does anyone here think I deserve a spanking?

Tuesday, May 24


Normally getting in trouble meant being told to go upstairs and wait... then came the lecture and then, well - everyone knows what happens to naughty girls. Today though there was no such formalities. Her behavior was so outrageous that it was just pants and panties straight down - and straight down to business.

Photo from Spanking Bailey

Monday, May 23

All Better

The slate is all clean, time for some soothing aftercare for my good girl.

Sunday, May 22


That moment when you realize this isn't a fun, good-girl spanking.

Photo from Bun Beating Fun

Saturday, May 21


No wire hangers... please, forget that... no wood hangers!

Friday, May 20


Backseat driving is harder to do when one can't comfortably sit on their "back seat."

Photo from Real Life Spankings

Thursday, May 19

Toasted Buns

When asked if she "wanted to get her buns toasted"... it being a barbeque and all... she figured it was safe to say yes.

Wednesday, May 18


If the soap falls out of your mouth, young lady... your spanking will start over.

Photo from Bad Tushy

Tuesday, May 17

Time to Reflect

Time to reflect on your recent behavior, young lady.

Monday, May 16

Really, Take Your Time

The idea of saying "trying to sleep here!" crossed her mind as her friend was being spanked, but she quickly thought better of it. Rather wait and sleep comfortably!

Photo from Spanking Sarah Gregory

Sunday, May 15

Feeling the Forest

She couldn't see the forest through the trees... but she could certainly FEEL there was a forest out there, and one with lots of switches in it.

Saturday, May 14

Doing Time

So is this what they mean by 3 "hots" and a cot?

Photo from Bad Tushy

Friday, May 13

On the Fence

When it came to whether or not a naughty girl should be spanked... she was on the fence.

Thursday, May 12

Bath Time is Over!

Next time she says, "time to get out of the tub"... we're betting she won't be ignored!

Photo from Spank Amber

Wednesday, May 11

Wearing Her Out

45 minutes and you haven't even picked out what shoes to wear? Here, I'll pick out something for you... how about a bathbrush!

Tuesday, May 10

Lending a Hand

You know what they say, two hands are better than one!

Photo from Clare Fonda

Monday, May 9

Barely On

He'd said she could keep her panties on... and technically she still had them on!

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