Saturday, July 30

Squeaky Clean

Are you SURE you have washed everywhere? You know what happens to naughty girls that aren't squeaky clean.

Friday, July 29

Watch Your Step

Running up and down the stairs is dangerous and will not be tolerated. Of course, she wasn't finding much comfort standing in place on the stairs either.

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Thursday, July 28


She's cruising for bruising... literally!

Wednesday, July 27

Mister Grumpy

Better to be Grumpy than Ouchie!

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Tuesday, July 26


You do have the right to remain silent...!!

Monday, July 25

Friendly Skies

Remember to wear your pink with pride and a smile.

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Sunday, July 24


Do not stand up until I tell you we are done... seriously!

Saturday, July 23

Collecting - the hard way

Well, what happens if I DO collect my $200!!?

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Friday, July 22

Seeing Clearly

She could now see the error of her ways.

Thursday, July 21

We've Only Just Begun

When the length of your spanking is measured with the little hand on the clock, you know you've been a naughty girl.

Photo from Bad Tushy

Wednesday, July 20

Too Big For Your Boots

... but not too big to go over my knee.

Tuesday, July 19

Diaper Position

If you act like a big baby and pout and fuss when you don't get your way... I won't have a problem treating you like a big baby.

Photo from Spank Amber

Monday, July 18

Wrap It Up

We'll have this spanking wrapped up real soon...

Sunday, July 17

Guaranteed Spanking

Showing up out of uniform is the sort of thing that can get you spanked. Bragging that "at least I have nice shoes" when called on it pretty much guarantees it.

Photo from Sam's Diaries

Saturday, July 16

Brush Up

He needed to brush up on his panty pulling down technique.

Friday, July 15

Let's Review

Your job review? Oh, yes-yes... I think we can mark you down as having learned from your mistakes!

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Thursday, July 14

Sucker Spanking

Young lady, you knew full well that was my sucker!

Wednesday, July 13

Getting To The Bottom

It was time to get straight to the bottom of her bad behavior.

Photo from Spanking Teen Jessica

Tuesday, July 12

Bedtime Spanking

Waiting until the end of the day to be honest about her misdeeds sure felt like a good idea when the sun was up.

Monday, July 11

No Surprise

Should come as no surprise, young lady. You know if you misbehave you will be bent over and spanked.

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Sunday, July 10

Good Girl Spanking

She'd worked hard and focused on being a good girl and now she got to enjoy a nice, long relaxing good girl spanking.

Saturday, July 9

Time to Panic

Walking into the room for "a talk" and seeing that wicked hairbrush on the table told her exactly where this little discussion was going... and it wasn't a good place for her bottom. But knowing was what coming didn't lesson the panic when it actually started to happen.

Photo from Spanking Teen Jessica

Friday, July 8

On Her Tummy

Naughty girls have to sleep on their tummy...

Thursday, July 7

Okay, Give me a Few Minutes

When he said "assume the position"... it took a solid 5 minutes and good balance to make it happen.

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Wednesday, July 6

More Like Two Hands

It's about time someone gets a hand on your bad behavior.

Tuesday, July 5

Handy Footwear

She felt safe letting her bratty side come out. They were visiting family, so what could he do? Even if he somehow found the needed privacy to deal with her behavior... he hadn't brought anything but his hand to spank with on this trip. Yep, she was sure her bottom was safe.

Photo from Punished Brats

Monday, July 4

Happy 4th of July

Think you have it wrong there. It was the Colonists that spanked the British!

Sunday, July 3

Chin Up

Just ten total spanks, young lady... unless that hat comes off - then we are doubling it.

Photo from Spanking Glamor

Saturday, July 2

Pool Rules

Running by the pool is not allowed. Running by the pool in high heels, well that gets you spanked!

Friday, July 1

Straight to the Point

The scolding had been firm and straight to the point. When it was over, she was immediately stood up so her jeans and panties could be tugged down to her thighs. Then it was over the knee and a moment later her punishment began.

Photo from Spank Amber

Thursday, June 30

A Little Birdie

A little birdie told me you have been a naughty girl.

Wednesday, June 29

Don't Make Me Aski

The bathroom is to be clean, young lady... because if I have to ask, I am going to ask you with your panties tugged down.

Photo from Triple A Spanking

Tuesday, June 28

Kick Restart

Kicking those feet isn't going to help, young lady. Keep in up and I will start over.

Monday, June 27

Handle on the Situation

He called her a "crawler." That is, when the intensity of her spanking started to pick up... she had a habit of pushing, squirming, pulling and slithering off of his knee. Fortunately she came with a convenient and ready handle that proved to be an excellent counter to her crawling attempts.

Photo from English Spankers

Sunday, June 26

Double Trouble

They knew the risks. Both of their husbands would not hesitate to dish out a spanking. But surely even if caught, any spanking would wait until they'd gotten home and had privacy.

Saturday, June 25

The Problem Solver

The little spoon was only used to solve big problems.

Photo from Bi Spanking

Friday, June 24

Spanked in Public

Next time she's asked, "Do you want to be taken home for your spanking"... she'll say yes!!

Thursday, June 23

Can Get Worse

Keeping fussing, and this will can worse in a big hurry.

Photo from Bun Beating Fun

Wednesday, June 22


Being "taught a lesson" in the library didn't have anything to do with books in this house.

Tuesday, June 21

What's the Deal with the Panties?

She'd never argue that her spanking wasn't well deserved. But what was the deal here? Her spanking wasn't MORE deserved, so why did she get it on the bare from start to finish... while her friend was getting it over the panties? They'd done the same exact thing! Of course, she realized she wasn't exactly in a good position to start complaining about the fairness of it all.

Photo from Spanked Call Girls

Monday, June 20

No Such Luck

When she saw him bringing a paddle with him for a walk in the woods... she hoped they'd end up at a lake, with a boat.

Sunday, June 19

You DO need a Stinking Badge

She'd been warned when hired to always have her security badge or "it would be a discipline issue." She assumed that meant a verbal warning or perhaps a write up. Turned out though, they were a bit more serious about security here.

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Saturday, June 18


The workout bench never gets used? Well, let's change that!

Friday, June 17

The Low Down

When the sting started to add up she was in the habit of sliding towards the floor, where her spanker would wait for her to again stand before giving more. But no such pause was allowed now, as this spanker also was touching the floor.

Photo from Cutie Spankee

Thursday, June 16

Hold at Six

Six have been earned young lady, but move those hands and the dress comes off and we get very serious.

Wednesday, June 15

Now Everyone Knows

Do you think I care that your friends know you still get spanked? Should have though that before you acted up in front of them.

Photo from Bad Tushy

Tuesday, June 14

Since You Like Showing Off

You thought it would be fun to show off in front of the class with your disrespect, so it's only fair to show the class the consequences of that behavior.

Monday, June 13

A Losing Hand

What happens in strip poker when you're already naked and you lose a hand?

Photo from Spanking Teen Jessica

Sunday, June 12

Saturday, June 11

Interesting Furniture

Friends that he picked out furniture that looked interesting. She however knew he liked to pick items that could be used in interesting ways.

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

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