Monday, September 1

Making it Clear

It was being made clear... bad behavior would not be tolerated.

Sunday, August 31

Every Inch

His hand was not only hard and ouch-filled, but with it he covered every available spankable inch.

Photo from RealSpankingPass

Saturday, August 30

A Good Beat

They had a good beat... something you could dance to.

Friday, August 29

Good Morning

A spanking before breakfast was on the table... it was going to be a looong day.

Photo from Firm Hand

Thursday, August 28

Young at Heart

Call me "old" little miss whippersnapper... how about I introduce you to the old OTW postion (over the wheelchair).

Wednesday, August 27

Tuesday, August 26


Quarterbacks have all the fun...

Monday, August 25

A Cry and a Chuckle

To say she felt bad that about her friend getting spanked might have been stretching it a wee-bit.

Photo from Punished Brats

Sunday, August 24

It's Unanimous

Guess what all six of us have in common? --- That you need a spanking!

Saturday, August 23

Hung Out By The Pool

So what did you do today?

Photo from PainGate

Friday, August 22

Bulletin Board Material

She thought it would be funny to post her plans to skip work on the bulletin board. Not everyone agreed.

Thursday, August 21

Family Time

Time for a family meeting... hmmm... more like a family beating if you ask me!

Photo from Real Life Spankings

Wednesday, August 20

Speaking Up ... too late

Oh NOW she has lots to say... but when she was asked "was this all your fault" she went all silent!

Tuesday, August 19

Not For Sitting

Perhaps one day, with luck and good behavior... she might actually get to sit in that chair!

Photo from Cutie Spankee

Monday, August 18

You're Doing it Wrong

You call that a spanking!

Photo from Spanking Library

Sunday, August 17

Strict Dentist

And what happens if I don't floss after every meal?

Photo from Spanking Online

Saturday, August 16

Not Finished

And where exactly do you think you are going missy?

Friday, August 15

Heads or Tails

While he couldn't make heads or tails on who had actually started the problem... he had a firm grasp on the solution to it.

Photo from AAA Spanking

Thursday, August 14


We're roasting what again down at the beach?

Wednesday, August 13

Your Fate

Remember young lady, when you misbehave you put your fate into my hands.

Photo from Punished Brats

Tuesday, August 12

Horse Sense

That's a brush for horses, but I don't see any horses... so what's it for?

Monday, August 11

Watch What You Say

Anything you say can and will be used against you.

Photo from Bars and Stripes

Sunday, August 10

School Time

Almost time to head back to school, so remember to get everything ready... or else!

Saturday, August 9

Getting Caught

You don't want to get caught on the wrong side of town.

Photo from EverythingButt

Friday, August 8

Fair Warning

If you struggle missy, you'll be stripped bare and then we will finish... in this exact position.

Thursday, August 7

A Sense of Urgency

In a big-big hurry to get this done, aren't you young lady? Well perhaps the next time you're told to do something you'll have that same sense of urgency.

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Wednesday, August 6

Top Hat

You want to borrow my top, fine... I'll borrow your bottom.

Tuesday, August 5

Ocean View

Those aren't waves you hear smacking at the shore.

Photo from Girl Spanks Girl (a Clare Fonda site)

Monday, August 4

Going To the Rear

He'd meant go to the rear of the boat... but this works too.

Sunday, August 3

Winging It

Just winging it does come with its risks.

Photo from Sarah Gregory

Saturday, August 2

Warming Up

She'd refused to get into the water because, "it's too cold." But after a little warm up, her mind was quickly changed.

Friday, August 1

Class Rules

There is a list of things that can't be done in this class which includes texting. There us also a list of things that can be done in this class... which includes you getting your bottom spanked for not paying attention to that first list.

Photo from Bad Tushy

Thursday, July 31


You can lead a spankee to water... and, as it turns out... you can even make her drink.

Wednesday, July 30

Tattle Time

It's best to be *sure* your job is completed and done correctly before attempting to tattle on a co-worker.

Photo from Spanked in Uniform

Tuesday, July 29

Good Luck

Stepping into the shower she wondered how she'd gotten away with it. Her misdeed seemed so obvious, yet he'd not said a word about it the entire day. She was rarely this lucky. Glancing around though, she noticed her bath-brush was missing and her bottom was of course wet. A sinking feeling told her that her luck was turning bad.

Monday, July 28

In Trouble

They hadn't even moved in the furniture and already she was in trouble.

Photo from Whipped Ass

Sunday, July 27

In This Movie...

The good guys wear white hats and the naughty girls wear red bottoms.

Saturday, July 26

Getting Help

When she asked for a little help with her paper, she was thinking more with the writing part than the motivation part.

Photo from Clare Fonda

Friday, July 25

Old Fashioned Discipline

The kitchen was not the only thing in the house that dated back to the 1950s...

Thursday, July 24

A Late Night

She wondered when he'd be getting ready for bed. It was late and she was already in her pajamas. Then he mentioned needing to "have a talk"... and she noticed he still had his belt on. A sinking feeling in her tummy told her it wasn't going to be a fun talk.

Wednesday, July 23

No Wood Hangers

No wire hangers? Forget that, how about no WOODEN hangers!!

Tuesday, July 22

Upper Floor

She'd never before been spanked for not being naughty enough.

Photo from The Upper Floor

Monday, July 21

Pool Shark

Interesting how he lost every bet... until a spanked was wagered.

Sunday, July 20

Rear Ended

Did you see the rear end damage on that car?

Photo from Spank Amber

Saturday, July 19

Over The Barrel

She definitely had her over the barrel and wouldn't be letting her up until each naughty decision had been accounted for.

Friday, July 18

Just One Spanking

At first she was relieved to be getting just one spanking. She had caused the entire class to have to stay late after all. However her sense of relief didn't last long, not once she found out who would be giving her that one spanking.

Photo from Spanking Sorority Girls

Thursday, July 17

Cruising for Bruising

Or... Spanking on the Poop Deck... take your pick, ;)

Wednesday, July 16


The Slap-atula: a handy kitchen implement that can correct a naughty girl's behavior in a hurry!

Photo from Spanking Bailey

Tuesday, July 15

They Have Everything

If this store has everything.. even something for a naughty young lady.

Monday, July 14

Pool Side Tanning

She did say she wanted to "get tanned by the pool."

Photo from Bad Tushy

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