Monday, April 20

It Happens Fast

Without thinking, you make a smart aleck remark... and seemingly without pause, he has you over his knee with your pants and panties tugged down. No time to explain, no time to get ready. No time to run! Just time to be a very sorry girl that wishes she'd have taken an extra moment to better pick her words.

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Sunday, April 19

Better To Be Safe

She'd heard a proper spanking should be given "with panties off"... she just wasn't sure whose panties that meant.

Saturday, April 18

Change in Plans

A grown woman getting spanked for being rude, it's ridiculous - who does he think he is! No way am I going to give him the satisfaction of any sort of response. Nope, going to lay completely still and not make a sound. And an apology, he can forget that!

...then the spanking started, and those big plans were quickly forgotten.

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Friday, April 17

Reach For It

You can either hold those ankles missy, or I can pull those panties down and start over.

Thursday, April 16

Talk to the Hand

Talking to the hand tends to be a one-sided conversation.

Photo from Spanked in Uniform

Wednesday, April 15

All Business

If she had to pull your panties down, she was all business... and you were a very sore and sorry girl.

Tuesday, April 14

Redheaded Stepchild

Keep it up and I am going to spank you like a redheaded stepchild...

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Monday, April 13

Fair Warning

Six with the paddle young lady, and you move those pretty little shoes once inch and your panties are coming down.

Sunday, April 12

Close to Home

He'd promised "a spanking as soon as we get home." She figured any easy way to beat that plan was to refuse to go inside. Clever idea... but it didn't quite work.

Photo from 2Punish

Saturday, April 11

Getting Right To It

When dad doesn't even have time to loosen his tie when he gets home before dishing out a spanking... you know someone has been a very naughty girl.

Friday, April 10

Always Ready

He had a tool for every possible job...

Photo from Strict Spanking

Thursday, April 9

Extra Coverage

You think that's a swimsuit young lady? Really?? Look... my hand covers more!

Wednesday, April 8

Locker Room

The locker room is for changing and getting yourself ready. And if you forget that it can also be for spanking.

Photo from Cutie Spankee

Tuesday, April 7

The Strap

Ten with the strap didn't sound too bad. As to how it felt, well that was a different story.

Monday, April 6

Just Look in the Mirror

And who is to blame for this spanking, young lady?

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Sunday, April 5

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny doesn't have time for that 'lump of coal' stuff.

Saturday, April 4

Okay, We Won't Wait

Note to self: next time he says "just wait until we get home"... just WAIT until we get home - do not stick my tongue out!

Photo from Real Spankings Pass

Friday, April 3

Horse Play

There was work to be done and she'd been warned that now was not the time for horse play.

Thursday, April 2

Caught With Her Pants Down

She'd gotten herself into trouble, which was bad enough. That it was happening at bath time made it that much worse though, because unless she was allowed to run and get her panties and pants and put them on... this was going to be a bare bottom spanking. And since she also wasn't allowed to grab a towel, make that a wet bare bottom spanking.

Photo from Spanking Sarah Gregory

Wednesday, April 1

April Fools

Switching the sugar with salt was a spanking worthy offense every day of the year... including April Fool's Day.

Photo from English Spankings

Tuesday, March 31

Stand and Bare It

Being asked to stand and bend over for her punishment proved to take more self-control than she had. That didn't mean the punishment would be skipped though.

Photo from Cutie Spankee

Monday, March 30

Maid To Spank

He'd listened to them argue about who was supposed to clean what, while nothing got done. There had been warnings too. Still, back and forth they went with their squabble. He was left with no choice... they'd made him spank them.

Sunday, March 29

Hands Down

If she lifted her hands off the table, the spank wouldn't count. There was no rule about moving her head though!

Photo from Firm Hand

Saturday, March 28


Getting spanked over her dress normally would qualify as a lucky break. With that hairbrush in his hand though, "lucky" wasn't exactly the first thing on her mind.

Friday, March 27

Just Five Minutes

Curfew was 10 o'clock and she'd come home at 10:05. "It's just 5 minutes!" seemed like a pretty solid argument. That is until she was told that "If it's just 5 minutes... than you will get a 5 minute long spanking... so we can both feel exactly how long 5 minutes is"

Photo from Punished Brats

Thursday, March 26

Do You Double Dare Me?

To her "one more bald joke and I'm going to spank you" didn't exactly sound like a threat, but rather more like an invitation to, you know... tell one more bald joke!

Wednesday, March 25

What Turns Up

She'd assumed that she was headed for a traditional over the knee spanking when he called her over to the chair. When he didn't sit down though, she knew something was up. Turned out... it was her bare bottom that was up.

Photo from Spanking Experience

Tuesday, March 24

Tied Up

Kicking, twisting around, throwing hands... these would not be problems today.

Monday, March 23

Handy Footwear

She felt safe letting her bratty side come out. They were visiting family, so what could he do? Even if he somehow found the needed privacy to deal with her behavior... he hadn't brought anything but his hand to spank with on this trip. Yep, she was sure her bottom was safe.

Photo from Punished Brats

Sunday, March 22

Spring Break

Why should I follow school rules during Spring Break?

Saturday, March 21

Pool Rules

The pool is clothing optional... the rule about not running is not.

Photo from Bad Tushy

Friday, March 20

Forever in Blue Jeans

Though at certain times during that forever, said blue jeans will be pulled down to your knees.

Thursday, March 19

The Speed of Things

Why does something so fast feel like it's happening in slow motion?

Photo from Strict Spanking

Wednesday, March 18

Pull Up a Chair

... but don't bother taking a seat.

Tuesday, March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Remember to mix in a little pink and red with all that green!

Monday, March 16

Hanging Your Head

She'd been told if she were disrespectful she'd end up 'hanging her head'... and had assumed that meant 'in shame.'

Sunday, March 15

Brushing Up On Rules

Seeing the hairbrush in her hand, she didn't figure "the talk" they were about to have was about hair.

Photo from Dreams of Spanking

Saturday, March 14

Hang On

Move your hands young lady, and your panties are coming down.

Friday, March 13

Not Likely

Maybe if I am really-really quiet and stay still here in this corner... she'll forget I am next.

Photo from Sarah Gregory

Thursday, March 12

On Your Toes

It pays to keep on your toes around here.

Wednesday, March 11

Kisses and Hugs

She thought panties that offered kisses and hugs couldn't hurt. Of course, once they were pulled down... they didn't offer much help either.

Photo from Marked Butts

Tuesday, March 10

Fun and Gmes

It's all fun and games... until someone gets hurt.

Monday, March 9

Making Sense Of It

The girls mocked... why would you order two of the exact same paddles? That doesn't make any sense at all!

Photo from Bi Spanking

Sunday, March 8

Bad Spot

Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Saturday, March 7

Communication is the Key

The scolding had been a harsh one. It was made clear that her disrespectful ways would not be tolerated. But that had all been said before. With her dress pulled up and her panties pulled down... it was now time for her to listen to the wood paddle. Hopefully the message would come through loud and clear this time.

Photo from Real Spanking Institute

Friday, March 6

Making That Last Wish Count

That whole ironic and unexpected twist to a wish thing works much better... at least for the Genie... when it happens with no wishes remaining.

Thursday, March 5

Lesser of Two Evils

Cheating meant expulsion from school, and that seemed like too harsh of her penalty for her friend to pay. Still, getting away with it didn't seem fair either. Fortunately a compromise was quickly worked out.

Photo from Cutie Spankee

Wednesday, March 4

Since You Asked

It had been a pretty boring evening... until she spotted the leather paddle and asked, "what's that for?"

Tuesday, March 3

What Turns Up

She'd assumed that she was headed for a traditional over the knee spanking when he called her over from next to the chair. When he didn't sit down though, she knew something was up. Turned out... it was her bare bottom that was up.

Photo from Spanking Experience

Monday, March 2

Sorry, I'm Not Free At The Moment

Her kicking problem was well addressed, but that's not what her attention was on. Rather... after taking so long to set things up... what were the chances of this being anything other than a really long spanking?

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